Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update......Things are getting better......

So I realize that title isn't very interesting, but it is true.  As of yesterday (monday) Scott was no longer employed full time.  He is only working on-call nights and weekends for Autocare.  This decision was reached mutually between Autocare and us.  He missed a lot of work when he had pnemonia, and then he needed a lot of days off for testing for various Fire Departments.  So he is just now working a little to supplement our income, which is sad if you think that I only work 20 hours a week at Lynn's Audio & Video, sorry I digress.  So yesterday was his first day at home.  It almost killed him.  He hates not working or having a "purpose".  I constantly remind him that his purpose is to study and get the best scores on his tests he can.  So today rolls around and we get a phone call, he made it to the top of the list on the Ogden Fire Department and they have an opening so he has an interview with the Fire Chief of the Ogden Fire Department.  We are so excited BUT trying to not get to excited because we realize he isn't the only guy they are interviewing, we just hope he is the best!! 

So here is our future plans, he interviews at Ogden tomorrow, then he has the physical test at Logan on Friday THEN we are heading to Jerome Idaho on Tuesday. 

So I just got back from LaShars and I was talking to Jenny and I told her how Scott and I were talking and we wonder if DeLoy had a hand in the Ogden testing because he promised he would help Scott get a job.  He was always so worried about us and Scott getting a firefighter job.  I had kind of put that out of my head and Jenny says of course it's DeLoy.  She knows he is watching out for all of us because she is not ready for him to leave us all yet so she knows he is still here with all of us.  I would love to believe DeLoy is watching us from Heaven, but I wonder if he is so busy enjoying the afterlife pain free?  I love Uncle DeLoy and I know he wants nothing but the best for all of us and if there is anything he could do to assist any of us from up above he would do it.

Love you all.


vcsings said...

Congratulations to Scotty on doing so well with his firefighting tryouts. Even if there is a little help from above,Scotty deserves a lot of the credit for his determination and hard work. His wife deserves alot of credit for support of all kinds too. We are praying for you!(and keeping our fingers crossed too!)

Amber said...

you write so good... you just crack me up.. you should write a boook

Anonymous said...

Thinking strong employment thought for you! Sometimes blessings come from places we don't understand, but they are blessings just the same.

Good luck!