Sunday, September 13, 2009

Uncle DeLoy

Well I was woken up this morning by a phone call from my Grandpa Elder.  Just seeing his name on my caller ID and I knew what he was going to tell me.  I had told them to call me when DeLoy passed no matter what time.  So without him telling me I knew what had happened.  Surprisingly enough I did not cry.  I just sat there for a minute then I called my mother.  I knew my grandpa had probably called her, but I wanted to know if he had called my sisters or if I needed to.  Being she just got out of the hospital on Saturday she told me to do it, she was still kind of out of it.  It didn't sound like she had done much crying either.  I guess it just hasnt' sunk in yet.  I am sure when I go out to the house to see Jenny and the kids that it will hit me then when he is not in his bed any longer. 

While I am releived that he has passed and I know he is with the Lord doing his work, what makes me sad is the fact he suffered so long.  It also makes me sad that he left behind his wife he loved so much and waited so long to find the right women for him, and he left his wonderful boys behind.  During this last 9 months I have been able to spend a lot of time with Dallas.  It has been great.  He is a wonderful boy, and now a great man.  He calls when he has problems and needs to talk or needs help doing his resume for a job.  He says I am "cool", but saying that he makes me feel old.  Oh well I guess that comes with being the oldest cousin, he even called me his Aunt once adn I about fell over, LOL.  That family has been through so much I am glad the suffering has come to an end and now a different kind of pain sets in.  The pain of the loss.  The going to call DeLoy and then remembering he isn't going to answer.  He was always so candid about what he was going through.  In fact I remember when he was first diagnosed, we had come from Washington for the Memorial Day breakfast Grandpa did every year.  We made the trip for this one because they had sold teh farm for real and were going to move.  I remember very clearly asking DeLoy "How are you doing?" and his answer was "I can't poop"  and that right there was the first talk of poop and it just went on from there.  The next day they did his colonoscopy and found the cancer and our lives took on a new normal and we were always talking about DeLoy's poop, because let's be honest that is how he judged what kind of day he was having.  He went through so much and we all were able at one point or another support him in our own ways.  Whether it was visiting him in the hospital in SLC or Logan, driving him to Chemo, buying him treats, going on vacations, doing his books, or attending the Relay for Life.  All of those things meant so much to him and he remembered him all, I know he did because he would like to recall those things when he was just talking.

I want you all to know that DeLoy had spirits with him for the last week preparing him for his passing.  There were always 3 men in his room and there was 1 lady he saw in his bathroom.  He saw them all the time.  You could feel the spirit when you walked into his room IF you were not paying attention to the fact he was dying, but to the "feel" of his room.  The reason he was not in pain was because of those spirits. I will be eternally grateful for whoever came to help DeLoy leave us, because I know then he wasn't alone and I hope he wasn't afraid.  The fear of the unknown made him uncomfortable but I think the Lord knew that and sent them to offer comfort to DeLoy. 

I know now we all have a Guradian looking over us from Heaven and when our time comes we will have someone there we know who will greet us with open arms so we won't be scared.

I love you all.



Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. I am wishing for your family to have peace.

The King Family said...

Great post! I have been thinking a lot this week about who would be there as an angel for me, kind of interesting to think about!

vcsings said...

We will all miss DeLoy. It was good to get closer to him these past few months.Love ,Aunt vickie

Amber said...

that was beautiful.. thanks char.