Friday, September 11, 2009

Random, completely random.

I do not promise or will I even try to keep this post to one topic, so please excuse where my fingers take me they are in control.

I am up early this morning 6:00 AM to get Bowen off to school. I HATE getting up this early. I don't like sleeping in either. My ideal "wake" time is 7 AM. Oh well. At least it isn't 5:30 like in Washington. I miss Washington. I miss our friends. I miss the mountains, the river, the Ward. I miss it a lot. It turns out Scott misses it a lot also. I think we decided that if Scott still has not landed a firefighter job by next spring in Utah he is going to start testing in NE Washington for a job up there. I feel guilty for uprooting my kids from Colville and bringing them here. They were so happy there. They had great friends and I loved teh smaller schools. They are still having trouble finding friends here and it has been 1 1/2 years. YEsterday I went and watched Bowen at the end of his football practice and he was running his drills by himself away from the team. When they did the team "cheer" he was not in the huddle, but standing outside and away from it. He claims he loves football but he has made no buddies on the team. He doesn't say bye to anyone and let's be honest they act like they don't even see him. Oh well. He isn't the best player on the team so why pay attention to him right? Well then I get comments from all teh kids "remember when we did this in Washington? Remember when I played with this friend? Remember Uncle Hosehead(David)" I know we came home for a reason and Scott now has a education and a career, now I wonder how bad it woudl be if we went back? Now everyone don't freak out, we aren't leaving now, it would be next year, and only after Scott gets a job up there, but honestly I can't wait. I don't think we can go back to Colville because there isn't much industry there BUT we can go close and work in Spokane. Oh the thought of it just makes me smile. I guess I just worry my kids arent' happy and they don't say anything to me because they don't want to worry me.

Scott seems to be feeling better. We are going to teh doctor today at 9:30 for a check up and to see if he can go back to work. Oh yeah Work!! They apologized and "need" him back. He is going back but only after making some changes. Right now he works for them 24/7 and that needs to change. He works from 8-5 and then he is on call any time after that. So he is going to suggest he work just the on call after hours as dispatch and a driver so he can have his days to study, test, interview and exercise. Unfortunately he has gotten out of shape with working so much and attending school and the bad part is when you are a firefighter you HAVE to stay in shape. So this is our solution. He makes 2 1/2 times as much just doing dispatch and going on calls, so it works out just fine $$.

Mom is doing well. She ended up needing a blood transfusion. She didn't loose to much blood during the surgery BUT because of her cancer it seems to inhibit her ability to reproduce her blood at a rate acceptable to the doctors, so 2 quarts here she comes. I think she will be fine.

DeLoy is still the same, well I guess he is worse. He can no longer lift his hands to feed himself and can't make it to the bathroom anymore. If he talks you can barely hear him and have to put your ear right up to his mouth to hear anything and most of the time it is just jibberish. We believe he is seeing angels in his room. He talks and sees 3 old men a lot and there is a girl in his bathroom that upsets him. It isn't the girl that upsets him as much as that she is in his bathroom and he is still trying to get out of bed to help the men in his room. We think the spirits are there so he isn't afraid and to prepare him for the other side. One reason we believe this is in the last 2 weeks he has had no pain. Those of you who spent time with him a few weeks ago knwo he was in extreme pain. He would cringe and tears would fall just from simple movements or when he went to teh bathroom. That is gone now. It is simply a miracle. They have not had to do a morpheine drip like was planned, the pain is completely managed through his same meds he has been taking for sometime and we consider this a great blessing.

Okay I could go on. I know i know it's scary, but I like to type as much as I talk. I will end though to spare you. Thanks.


Tamy Wilson said...

Well you have do what is right for your family, just think if you were in Washington right now you would be wishing you lived in Utah closer to grandma, mom and Deloy...

Mandy said...

Sounds like you've had quite a week. Good luck with the jobs, that's always stressful. I didn't know your mom was sick. What is going on?

vcsings said...

Sometimes life takes twists and turns. You may find that Scotty gets a fantastic job here and that the kids find some good friends. Every time kids move (even from ward to ward)it takes time.Maybe invite a few teamates over for pizza sometime.Bowen has nothing to hang back about. He is a great kid and just needs to know it and jump in there in the huddle with the others. Kids are oblivious and probably do not even notice that he is hanging back. Where is the coach in all this? Maybe someone could mention it? Anyway,Mallorie has no good friends either and we have lived in the same neighborhood for 4 years. Maybe she and Rainee need to get together for some play dates. I love your blogs. Don't ever apologize for writing long ones.It is YOUR space after all. Glad to hear Scotty is getting better. Love you all!Aunt Vickie