Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cute Things

So here are some things that cheered me up, maybe they will cheer you up also.  First off here is my new kitten.

She is soooo cute.  We are still kicking around some random names.  Right now we call her Pebbles, but Scott hates it.  His name choices are Lint or Stella.  I like Pebbles or Duchess.  She is so playful and just cute.  We really love her.  She is our bright light in our very stressful life right now and she is just what we needed.  In case any of you care, she is a pure bred Persian cat.  The owner didn't want her because she is the runt and is so small.  So we got her.  We love you Lint, Fungus, Stella, Duchess......whatever your name is.

Now here are some photos of Bowen's football game today.  For the record Scott took these photos and there isn't much of a chance to get frontal photos of my boy so pictures of his back will have to do.  He is number 80 and today he got to be a team captain.  If I do say so he looks pretty cute from behind.  He just looks so grown up.

Isn't he cute? I mean isn't he handsome?  He doesn't like the word cute anymore.

Here are a few pictures Scott snapped while we were watching.  In case you care, we lost 21 to 14.  Oh well we have a fun game.  The high point for Bowen was when he tackled the runner who had the football.  He grabbed his jersey and held on just like his coach said.

This is how Mason gives big hugs.  I can be painful, but he is sweet.


The King Family said...

How fun! Cute kitty!!

Tamy Wilson said...

Cute pictures and your kitten is cute. Bowen does look all grown up.