Tuesday, June 30, 2009

7 Peaks

So I am copying my sisters announcement just because my blog is public.

We have been offered an opportunity to have teh first try at having a private party at 7 Peaks Water Park. Oh My Gosh!!!! So the tickets are only $15 for everyone over 3 years old. On August 6th from 6 PM until whenever we leave. The parking, tube rental and life jackets will all be free. The only catch is we have to have 200 people attend. That is all. A park that normally holds thousands with only 200 people, can you believe it??????

So everyone mark that day, invite your neighbors and best friends. We are opening this to anyone and everyone, except for the public of course. Amber, Tamy and myself will have some tickets. We have to have the money in by August 1st, to contact us by phone or email and we can hook you up.

Hope to see you there, this will be fun. I am serious about friends adn family, make it a date night, bring your church group, let's be creative and offer others the chance they will never get, a park closed to teh public at an affordable price.

Family Pictures

Now I can't remember if I blogged about our pictures or not, but we were privileged enough to have Steve Mackley take family portraits. I won a contest on the radio and I was soooo excited. So we went a few weeks back to some railroad tracks on Wellsville. Go to this link, Mackley Photography, click on portraits, and then click the Clients link. You can enter our code or password of ckidman and then you will be shown a slide show of our pictures.

THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!! And boy are they expensive. We are getting a large wall portrait of the entire family on the railroad tracks standing up, and one of the kids sitting on the tracks, and then a picture of scott and myself, the first one you see.

Let me know what you think.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Recap.

So this weekend I saw Transformers 2 times. Yes you heard me right. Someone at work said either I liked it a lot or I got roped into it. Well I took the kids on Friday to a maintenee and they liked it a lot, then Scott wanted to see it, so I went with him on Saturday. I won't lie, I did not mind seeing it 2 times, I like the transformers, especially Ironhide. But that is another post. Then on Saturday I really did too much helping Scott rearrange and unpack and organize the garage, and work on teh back yard. We also bought some flowers to plant out front, just some Clearance flowers from Wal Mart, I am too cheap to buy full price flowers. So after working I got another kidney attack, just to remind me that they are still there just lurking waiting for the opportune time to strike. So I spent a lot of Saturday night in bed drinking my allotment of water so my urine is "clear" and hopefully push them out. Sunday rolls around adn I get out of bed, just to get right back in. My back hurt soooo much and so my abdomin started hurting also, and I had a fever, so I am thinking they bladder/kidney infection they warned me about has hit. I am not sure where the infection is because it still does not hurt to pee, but I have a fever adn feel all around crappy. I did get a few hours while high on my pain meds where I went out front to help place our new "clearance" flowers, when we discovered a lot of wasp nests in the front of our house, and we also discovered they are attracted to the bald spot on the top of Scott's head. he got stung 3 times, good thing he isn't allergic. So back to bed I went and literally just laid there until Scott got a wrecker call to Bear Lake and he wanted me to accompany him. So we dropped the kids off at his mothers and high-tailed it to Bear Lake to get some idiot unstuck. I have pictures that I will post tomorrow, but here is the jist of it. Some guy was trying to bring in his boat on his private beach with a really old 1951 tractor and they hit a sink hole and sunk the tractor, which they quit working. So we had to drive all teh way to the waterfront and then drag chains and straps to make it 50+ feet out to the stupid tractor. The guys did not bother to tell us they were in teh water, they said they were stuck on the beach, so we were both fully clothed. We were kind of peeved, at least he could have told us to bring swim suits. Anyway the tractor was far enough out that Scott was wet from teh waist down. We finally got it out and then he wanted it towes to Laketown. When all was said adn done we gto back at 10:00 and had a good laugh, well I had a good laugh at Scott who had to ride home in wet pants. I then went to bed and he got called right back out to help a stranded family get from Ogden back to Logan. He rolled in aroud 1 AM and hit the sack just to get called out again at 6:30 this morning. SO needless to say he is bushed tonight.

HOope you all had a good weekend. Sorry for the spelling I am tired and my back hurts.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Music

So I have added music to my blog again, and the one reason is because of my new favorite song by 311 called Hey You. If you can, please listen to it. It has intriguing lyrics and the music is complex. I really really like it. Unfortunately I do not reall like the rest of teh album, they are kind of hard for me, but they hit it big with this song.

Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sorry No Pictures....

Sorry, I am horriable at taking pictures, and worse at posting them. But for my next story I am sure you do not want pictures.

So to start off I have had a nagging side ache since thursday of last week. Always on my right side and nothing serious, just felt like a sore muscle. I had gone to the gym 4 times last week so it was possible I did hurt it. So now fast forward to Tuesday. First we wake up, and yes this story does have to include the entire day so you can feel even more sorry for me :) Mason wakes up and says "mommy blood" so I am like huh???? I look at him and he is indeed covered in blood. He had a bloody nose in his sleep and rolled around in it. He had it EVERYWHERE. The funny part was it didn't even bother him. He just wanted to be cleaned off. So I got that fixed. Rainee got stung by a bee on Sunday and she came to me Tuesday morning and said her arm hurt, so I looked at it and where she got stung, on her bicep, was huge, swollen, hot and tight and red. So I called my mom who took her to the doc to find out she has an infection from the dirty stinger of that dumb bee. Colton had a sore throat BUT it was his first Scout Camp, so I doped him up with Tylenol and let him go. It was just a day camp and he had no fever. So with 3 out of my 4 children having "issues" that morning I got off to work a little bit late.

So I worked a boring day. I went and picked everyone up to go to swim lessons at 4:30. The big kids had lessons while Mason and I swam in the pool togehter. It was great, he was sweet and loving and loves the water. No big deal, nice afternoon. The kids got done with lessons and wanted to stay and swim, but something told me no, we should go straight home. The kids were bummed, but I was stern, I didn't have to be "warned" twice. So we packed up and went straight home. So as I was pulling in home I also just "decided" that I needed a shower right away. I also need to interject right here Scott was on a wrecker call in Tremonton, so it was just me and the kids. For another odd reason I was almost frantic to take a shower. That is odd because being the mom i usually wait to shower/bath until the kids are all taken care. So this time I told Bowen to watch Mason while I jumped in the shower. Not only had I just turned the water on in the shower, it was still cold, when I had the worst pain in my lower right back. I felt like i had been stabbed, or was having labor pains. It floored me, literally. I have a bench in my shower (we have a large shower) and i tried to sit on it and could not, the pain was coming in waves with only a very short time to breath inbetween. I knew Bowen was righit outside my door, so I was trying to be quiet, but I was moaning and kind of yelling and the pain came over and over. FInally after about 10 minutes I was able to crawl, not walk, out of the shower and into my room and into bed, soaking wet. Bowen was knocking on my door going "mom, are you ok?" It was cute casue he didn't want to come in cause he knew I was in the shower, but he could tell something was wrong. SO I covered up and asked him to bring me my phone. I called Scott who came home and decided to take me to the hospital. To make this long story shorter, we went to the hospital to find out I had kidney stones and they had moved from my kidney to my bladder and that was the pain I had. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! I have never had any kind of pain like that every before. Not even having a child. So now they prepare me to pass them again out of my bladder. They doctor gave me pain pills and I was like what good will they do, it only lasted for 15 minutes and then I was ok, and he politely told me it may not be that short next time, it could last for hours, so the medicine is for in case. So now everytime I feel a twinge I kind of tighten up and stop and wait for the horriable gut wrenching pain to come, only to be disapointed when it does not. I would prefer it to get over with, so I am drinking a large amount of water to help nature along.

So that was my tuesday. Needless to say it sucked, but oh well. I felt fine today, kind of tired and now I have blood in my urine. Just what you wanted to hear huh?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Let's hear it for spontanity....

I realize you are all laughing now that I was so sure that I spelled Spontaneity right, when I spelled it wrong. I am sorry. I am wrong.......that is so unusual, JK. Thanks for the heads up Mandy.
While I realize we just had Father's Day, ours was kind of a bummer, so we just gave dad his gifts and that was it. Scott was on call and he got called at 2:30 PM and did not return until 2:30 AM Monday morning. So anticipating that may happen we celebrated Father's Day on Friday and Saturday with some well planned gifts and some spontanity (no I did not use spell check, I knew how to spell that word.)

Friday I came home from work proudly with our projector for our theatre all fixed and ready to go. So we spent most that night hooking it up with the many odd stereo speakers we could round up. You see our new home has a theater in the basement with a 120" projection screen TV and stadium seating. The projector was broken so as soon as I started working at Lynn's Audio and video the first thing I did was take it in to get fixed. Well a new bulb later we got it working and it is way nice. It is a long cry from the old box projector that Grandpa Elder used to have in the 800 East Center home when I was little, this one ROCKS!! We have watched a palethera of movies very loudly. This list would include Transformers, Iron Man and other such action movies that make the speakers boom and shake the house. We also had Tucker with us this weekend while Amber was in Ragnar, so he got to help us and enjoy it also. Now the kids are bugging to hook up the Wii, but I don't know if it will look good on that big of a screne, it might be kind of odd playing tennis with almost full sized characters on the screen????

Saturday was rainey and yucky, so we hung around and I cooked for Emily's homecoming on Sunday. We did run to the Farmers Market where I bought some fresh peas.....yum....I made 7 layer salad with a ton of peas and it was THE BEST. I also bought some rhubarb and made 2 rhubarb cakes for the family and unfortunately we each only got a small slice as we shared the cakes with Grandma and Grandpa Elder, DeLoy and his family, our neighbors who stopped by and the rest of the family at the Homecoming party. It was great!!!! The party and the food. So back to the spontanity part. On Saturday evening I was antsy and wanted to go and do something, so Scott suggested we go for a ride and maybe get milkshakes or something like that, so in a last minute decision we ran to Brigham City to hit Maddox for rolls and strawberry pie, well I had thought they closed at 10 PM, but we got there at 9:35 only to be told they closed at 9:30. Now the kids are upset because they wanted french fries from Maddox and they were getting restless. Well Scott remembered we used to visit a place in Brigham City called Peach City. It has been years since we visited that place and who knew what time it closed. So we ran over there as fast as we could and guess what, It was still open. Yeah...... We proceeded to order french fries and Milkshakes and we instantly remembered why we used to love this place, THEY HAVE FRESH MADE FRENCH FRIES!!!! As far as I am concerned there is not much better in this life than homemade french fries. The kids were also exstatic and gobbled them up along with a few milkshakes. So then we drove home, vowing to visit Peach City again in the future for their great fries. We didn't get home until after 11:00, but I am a firm believer that the kids can stay up past their bedtimes every once in a while, like when mom wants "treats", the 4th and 24th of July for fireworks and other such times.

So I know you all like my suggestions (Sorry for the UP suggestion Jenn....) so give this one a try sometime, maybe when your kids are a bit older so they can understand, let them all get jammies on for bed and then have them get in the car and go out for ice cream, frozen yogurt or homemade fries, I love the looks on their faces and it makes them not take me to seriously. I am in "mommy mode" so much that sometimes things like this make the kids realize I am just a big kid.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mason Is 3......Yeah.....

Well it was Mason's birthday on Monday and he is officially 3, boy is he a handful. I love him soooo much, he deffinately keeps us on our toes. Seriously, he is the busiest child I have and the most head strong. We are truely blessed to have him in our lives. Here are some things you may or may not know about Mason. When he was born he was put on a helicopter and flown 100 miles away from me to be in the NICU in Spokane. So I stayed in my hospital room, recovering from a c-section all alone while Scott was with Mason. Mason is very very friendly. He loves everyone, if you will give him candy, JK......He would live outside if I would let him. I have found him asleep outside before. He loves our dogs and cats, and at times he loves them to much. He is great grandpa Elder's best friend and he can pop his thumb just like grandpa does. He loves his brothers and sister and won't leave the house without kissing and saying goodbye. He is named after my Uncle David Pehl in Colville, who affectionately calls him M. David because all teh general authorities in the church do it that way.....I think it's just because he doesn't have any grandkids named after him, so he likes to say David. He likes to talk on the phone, even though he doesnt' know what to say. That's about it. Here is a paltheria of pictures ranging in dates and I picked some to show his sweet personality. Enjoy.

Relay for Life

Hi everyone. I am just putting out a friendly reminder that the relay for life is coming up soon. On July 10 and 11. I noticed our team is full with the 15 members allowed for our entry price, BUT you can still feel free to join our team for $15 I believe if you want to be "official" I am not sure, but I think only those entered can actually walk, but I may be wrong, Josie correct me if I am wrong. I realize there are a lot of us who want to walk for our family team, so please, please sign up and donate the $15 to join our team. Josie has been working hard on this project and has also helped to raise money by selling luminaries. You all know how cancer has affected us and will affect us in the future, so let's come together on this.

For all of you who will be at Emily's homecoming party on Sunday we can chat there, but for the rest of you, so to this site Relay for Life and join our team. You can find us under Elder Family.

Hope to see you there.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

UP......A Deffinate Go See

So today I went begrudeingly to see Up with Scott, Rainee and one of her friends. This was her "special" day with mom and dad. So I wasn't in the mood for a kid cartoon, but I laughed so hard. First off the Short Film "Partly Cloudy" is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I would go to the show again just to see that. It answers all the major questions kids have like where do babies come from, why is there lighting and thunder and why does it rain. Seriously it is worth it. Who comes up with these ideas anyway????

Sorry, I digress......Up is the cutest thing I have seen. It was clever. The dialog isn't anything great, there aren't much lines in teh show, but it is a very special movie when they can get the point across with little to no words which is what Pixar does with their short films like Partly Cloudy and Boundin....they carried that same theme over into a full length film, and let me say i did not miss the dialog.

anyway if you are looking for a good family show, take your kids to the matinee of this film, you will not be disapointed. Even Mason liked it, especially teh bird Kevin and the dog Doug.

let me know what you think.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So I have finally got my "office" set up and took some pics, and now I am updating you on stuff in general. First off here is a new updated picture of myself. I have lightened my hair for summer. Nothing to drastic, I just like lighter hair for summer and darker for winter.

And here are some pics of the kids fishing. As you can tell Mason caught his first fish. He was teh only one that day to catch a fish and he was excited and I got a pic of his "happy" dance. He is such a ham. He is either extremely happy or extremely mad. He doesn't do anything half way, it is totally one way or another. He is deffinately the most head strong child I have, I hear that is typical of the last child.......just kidding.....that is more of a middle child trait, but he won't let me baby him anymore.

I also told you all we got a new puppy, Titan, so here is another picture of him. He doesnt' hold still often so sorry for teh blurry pic.

So right now for summer Bowen is in the basketball camp at USU and then all the big kids attend the Boys and Girls Club during the day. They enjoy it and every Friday they get to spend the day at the Logan Aquatic Center. Mason started a new day care at Little Wonders in Nibley and he loves it. He will turn 3 next week adn can't wait to be allowed to go down the "big" slide. He is quite the singer and will sing for as long as you let him. In fact, if they stop before he is ready he gets really upset. His favorite songs are I am a Child of God, Eency Wincy Spider, Bringing home a baby bumble bee, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and something about Monkeys swinging.

Scott is working at Autocare driving wrecker, and he is extremely busy. He is now offically a Phlebotomist and he is waiting to start an internship at Logan Regional Hospital. He is starting his Paramedic school this summer at Weber State, but he has to start with his pre-requisits, so Math, English, Anat & Phys, and Medical Terminology here we come. I can help with the Math and English, they are courses I already completed, but I am no good with Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology. If he can complete these this summer and fall he can start the paramedic training in the spring of 2010.

As for me, I have switched jobs again and I am now working at Lynn's Audio and Video, just part-time doing bookkeeping. The full time didn't work with both of us doing it. We are a 1 full time family. So when Scott started at Autocare I dropped to part time and it allows me to run the kids around and be there when I am needed. because of that I have been able to spend time with Uncle DeLoy and help him do errands adn just visit and I love it.

Sorry for the long post.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On a lighter note....

Well we are officially moved out of our home on Cliffside. Have I mentioned how much I dislike moving? I think I have a time or to. Well I spent this last week cleaning the house, a few hours each day and then on Saturday Scott and the kids took the final load out of the garage and we declared it officially done. So now we are officially In our new home in millville, but deffinately not moved in or unpacked. So now I am dedicating a few hours each day to unpacking boxes. Today the kids and I unpacked and organized the pantry. Wow, that was a big job!!!! But I am happy now I can walk in my pantry and see what I have.

Also, we decided to get teh kids a new puppy because we have a HUGE yard adn we promised the kids we would replace Dante (our puppy we had to sell in Washington) as soon as we could, so we did this weekend, by getting a new Mastiff puppy named Titan. His daddy is huge and weighs 200 pounds. We are sooo excited. he is very well behaved for a puppy. We already love him.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Saying Goodbye

I am sorry to be the one to announce, but it is time, as a family to say good bye to Uncle DeLoy. I will spare you the details, and you all can call your parents who can fill you in, but please know that in the soon future we will be called to a funeral.

I love Uncle DeLoy so much and while I am sad to see him leave this world I know that what waits him is much much better than we can imagine, and I know he will be waiting for all of us yet to come join him in the after life. If you are close and if you have time, please go and visit him at his home and say your good by's. A hospital bed has been brought in for him so he can be comfortable.

You can call Grandma Elder if you need, but she is having a hard time talking about it right now.

Let me know if you have questions or need anything.

Love you all.