Thursday, September 24, 2009

At a loss for words

Answer to what happened to Pebbles (the cat) Yes Mason did dip her in the toilet, but to make it worse he then rolled her in her litter.  If you look closely at the last photo you can see the specks of litter.  Do you know what litter is?  IT's clay so when it gets wet it gets soggy.  It took me forever to brush all teh litter out of her long pretty hair.  So instead of being tar'd and feathered, she got toilet and littered. 

So I am not really at a loss for words, but I am at a loss for the next topic to blog about.  I have a lot to say but I am having a hard time narrowing it down.  Let's see dinner was good.  I love artichokes.  Work was good just same bills different day.  Life has finally slowed down, kind of.  Scott has so many firefighter tests this next 2 weeks I just can't believe a job doesn't come from one of these.  Seriously people we will move to where the work is.  So which ever job comes in first we are out of here, well if it is outside of Northern Utah.  No one is sick.  I know it is a modern day miracle, it seems someone is always sick in our house.  Scottie's last day of work is on Friday then he is officially unemployed, he is just working on call nights and weekends.  In the summer he made bank doing nights and weekends but now all the vacationers have left and it has been deader than dead.  Oh well, so goes life.

So since I can't focus my wandering mind we'll play a game. Guess what happened to the kitty. Here are some pictures of my poor kitten from yesterday and the only hint is it did not do this to itself, it had assistance.

Colton did not do it, he was just consoling her while I laughed and took pictures.  So leave me a comment and let me know your guess the probably tomorrow I will post the correct guess or I will just tell you what really happened because it is kind of funny.


The King Family said...

Im going to say Mason absolutely gave her a swirly! :)

Tamy Wilson said...

Hey that was what I was going to say. Mason dunked her in the toilet. LOL poor thing.

vcsings said...

Hey, that was my guess too! Maybe he was trying to give him a bath. I do not think one of the older kids would do it.

Tamy Wilson said...

Poor kitty. Toilet and littered is a hard way to go. LOL