Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seriously Does it Ever Stop???

The answer to that question is a resounding NO.  Oh well, first let me say even though I put on a tough exterior and I try to keep things in perspective with the big picture in life, I want you to all know that I do have my moments of weakness.  I do breakdown and cry over the small things like a baby needing her mommy, but then I get up and get going again.  What did I cry over today you ask?  Well my clothes dryer blew up.  Yes I said blew up.  I must admit it was a contained explosion, but non the less it is dead, toast, kaput, swimming with the fishes.  Well not swimming with the fishes yet, that would require me to remove said piece of offending appliance which I am not strong enough to do or believe me I would.  We have had this dryer for 7 years and it wasn't the best when we bought it.  We didn't have any money so we bought a cheap dryer cause who cares about your dryer right?  As long as the washer is nice the dryer can be a POS.  Well we have replaced the belt and the heating element 2 times in the last year.  The repair place told us that was a sign that it was very quickly wearing out.  Well we were hoping it would last a little longer.  This morning I went down to change the laundry and turned on the dryer and the horriable loud pitches squeeling came out of it followed with the unmistakeable smell of burning.  I turned it off and just to verify my findings I turned it on again to have the exact thing happen again this time followed by a muffled yet distinctive boom.  That is it, my dryer died.  I do not have an outside line and even if I did I am sure my loving mastiff puppy Titan would tear everything down.

So here is my next connundrum, we have no money.  I mean no mula, pesos, dollars, bling bling, nothing.  We had some savings but since Scott's bout with pnemonia we are flat broke and paying doctor's bills and living expenses since he missed 10+ days of work.  Oh dryer I didn't really hate you that much.  You always dried my clothes in one cycle most of the times.  You handled the wet tennis shoes we occasionally threw in you and you held up remarkable to 4 moves and being bumped and dragged up and down countless stairs.  Couldn't you have waited a few more months for when Scott got his real job a a firefighter/EMT and we could afford a new dryer?  Couldn't you hang on like our old falling apart mini-van and just last a little longer?  Was 1 more winter too much to ask? 

I almost can't stand to break this to Scott, he is just gonig to hang his head and ask "what next?" but I will then cheerfully remind him that it is only a clothes dryer and the pioneers never had one and we can do also it's only wet clothes.  I wonder what our neighbors will think when they see my batch of wet jeans over the front railing?

**Update - Scott came home and I told him the dryer was broken and sounded like there was a dying cat in the motor.  So he stoicaly went downstairs to see what I had done and he turned it on, it squeeled and then went away and has worked just fine.  Isn't that how it works, the car is broken UNTIL you take it to the mechanic.  The dryer doesn't work UNTIL the husband gets home.  Oh well, needless to say I am glad to have my dryer back.  Since Scott is no longer working there is NO way we could afford a new dryer.


Tamy Wilson said...

I hope it hangs on for a few more months for you. Things always come in 3's, so you are almost done. I am sending all my positive good luck vibes I have. See you tomorrow. I will buy you a lottery ticket:)

Amber said...

Ode to the blow dryer... nice.. cracked me up..

vcsings said...

I just had to replace my dryer this summer and we just got a refurbished one from NOTEC. They are at 735 South Main phone 752-4908. This is the 3rd or 4th thing we have got from them. Sure , they only last a couple of years, but then again, we only pay $100-$200 instead of $600 or $700.There is also the laudromat for short term.
Good luck!