Friday, October 2, 2009

Something New

I realize my devoted readers, all 5 of you, are getting tired of my daily life saga, and to be honest I am also.  So today I am going to try to write about something relevant to the current events of today.  Should it be political?  I am not sure, explaining the reasons why I am not at all pleased with our current president doesn't sound too fun.  Should it be religious?  Maybe not, that is also a sore spot right now.  I know, I can talk about my kids' teachers at school.

As those of you who live in Utah know this week is UEA, which means we had parent-teacher conferences and now the teachers get to play for 3 days while the parents have to find alternative ways of keeping kids entertained.  This has been especially hard this year cause it's cold outside, it snowed on Wednesday and I still have to work.  It also means it was mid-term and I had parent teacher conferences.  I will break each one down for you to explain my frustrations.

First off I didn't make it to Bowen's, and I know you are all screaming "Bad Mom, Bad Mom" at your computer, but I know what his grades are and it was scheduled at the same time as the 2 other kids.  I am giong to meet with his teachers at a later date, and they all sent emails telling me what an awesome kid Bowen is, so I feel okay missing his.

The major frustration comes from Colton.  He is my sweetest child.  He is my most sensitive.  He is quiet and he will cry silent tears if you hurt his feelings or step on his toe.  So I have got nothing but great feedback from any of his teachers.  I went to meet with his teacher and hoestly she is a little odd.  I can't remember who she reminds me of but she is tall, slender has wild red hair, well make that orange hair, and it is frizzy and all over and she wears wears bright hooker red lipstick.  We sit down and she tells me Colton is failing 3rd grade.  Did you all hear me?  My special Colton is FAILING 3rd grade.  Now to be honest I didn't think that was possible.  Anyway the main problem is he is not turning in his homework.  We do it, he just doesn't turn it in.  Now that problem can be easily fixed.  Here are the rest.  His handwriting is not neat enough.  What?  My mouth just about fell open.  Colton has a few things working against the handwriting thing.  First he is left handed.  I don't know many left handers that have beautiful handwriting, and if you are reading this blog and have great hand writing I am sorry to offend.  He has had trouble with his eyesight.  We have changed his prescription so many times I can't keep up and neither can the optomotrists.  He writes, and you can read it.  In my opinion it looks like a 9 year old boy anyway she says it isn't neat enough, so an F there.  He is slightly below the reading standard according to the DIBLES test.  Yes I know this, he has always been slightly below since he started school at 3.  Yes 3.  He started preschool early because of the eyesight and hearing issues.  He has always been slightly below but he is making progress because he is always below in his grade level.  Big F in reading.  Math is ok, it's a 2 and his teacher was lecturing on how he needs to work at math and I say  Yeah Colton 2's rock.  So I sat there and explained to her that Colton has been deaf 2 times since birth.  He has crazy eyes that never stay the same, he is sensitive and can't you see you are hurting his feelings?  Oh well as we left the room the silent tears came while he was trying to be strong.

Rainee, what to say about Rainee.  Well right now she is puking because she has the flu and I am sure she can't wait to share it with all of us.  In direct contrast to last year where we had nothing but problems it seems she is not an angel.  She is getting all 4's except a 3 in reading.  Her teacher sees this as a problem and wants her to work harder.  Of course all teachers want that and I am sitting by her going "way to go a 3 in reading rocks" while I get sketchy looks from her teacher.  He only problems is she cant' sit still.  She never has been able to BUT she is still listening and gets great grades.

So then we get a call from Mason's preschool.  Oh crap I didn't know they had parent-teacher conferences in preschool.  Well they do that this wasn't a good one.  My precious 3 year old is not the nicest kid at recess I guess.  He is great in class and does well with structure, but when at free time with a group of kids he is mean.  He pushes, scratches and has even bit to get things from other kids.  Yes I said it, my kid is a bully.  We are not sure why, maybe it is because he has no siblings his age to play with?  Who knows.  So now we are starting a sticker chart at school for being good.  I will keep you updated on teh progress.


Tamy Wilson said...

UGH that's never good. I don't think Aspen has parent teacher for a few more weeks. I am dreading it, I think if a kid is struggling and failing the teacher should let the parent know BEFORE conferences not make them wait. Good luck and hang in there:)

Tamy Wilson said...

Oh and I think you should get Colton an IEP. That way they have to help him with writing and reading. But you have to force it cause schools don't like doing IEP.

vcsings said...

Amazingly, despite SEP conferences and all that goes on during the school age years, most kids grow up to be pretty decent adults. Wow, what a concept! Sometimes certain teachers are not a good match with certain kids. Any chance of changing Colton's teacher if she does not want to deal with his issues?Just a thought. How's the firefighting tryouts going?Love you!