Monday, September 7, 2009

Why God Made Women.

So I am now convinced that God made women so men don't really have to pay attention or take care of themselves. For instance Scott is very sick with pnemonia. We first went to the doctor on Wednesday, I say we because he just couldn't make the appointment he needed ME to do it, so I went with him to make sure he told the doctor everything that was wrong because I was trying to prevent exactly what is happening now. So I went along and the doctor was nice and because we don't have insurance he was trying to save us some money by NOT taking a chest x-ray, so he gave us some "wimpy" antibiotics and sent us on our way with no cough syrup or anything else. Scott took his antibiotics religiously because I made sure he did. He would always ask "is it time for my medicine?" is it that hard to take 2 pills morning and night? Apparentally so. So he steadily gets worse and on Friday I call the doc again and ask for some cough syrup, nothing over the counter is working and the coughing is enough to make me want to go to my moms to sleep. So the doctor assures me that there is nothing he could give me that would work better than over the counter stuff. I tell the nurse he is wrong becuse I have been giving him Mason's promethezine with codeine (the elixer from Heaven), Mason was given it when he had the croup and it is a miracle medicine. Now i know you are not suppose to share medications but believe me you would do it also if your husband was this sick.

So Saturday rolls around and we head out to Bowen's football game. Scott just sits there and coughs and finally at the end of the game he tells me that he needs to go to the insta-care clinic because he is having a hard time breathing and is now coughing up mucus. So we pile the kids to grandma's and go to the clinic. First off they mask everyone thinking he has Swine Flu, so first thing is nasal swab and it comes back negative, and thankfully that doctor decides we need a chest x-ray. I whole-heartidly agree. Insurance or not we have to get him better and the amoxicillen is not working. The chest xray shows something in his lungs to indicate pnemonia, but the doctor says she is not a radiologist and is going to beef up his antibiotics to "cover all the bases" and get him well. So we now double our amoxicillen and add doxycycl along with a proventil inhaler and some STUPID cough syrum called Cheertussin. Now these new medicines throw Scott for a bigger loop. Now instead of just 2 times a day for pills he has to take the amoxicillen 3 times a day, the inhaler 4 times a day, the cough syrup as needed, and the doxycycl 2 times a day with avoiding dairy for 2 hours when taking it.

Guess what folks? I can remember all those instructions without writing them down. Scott just says "she'll keep me on track" and guess what I do??? I keep him on track. He has no idea when to take his meds even though he can just read teh bottles. The stupid Cherrtussin is an expactorant and a cough suppresent. So this seems even more stupid, first let's loosen up the congestion so your coughs will be more productive BUT let's try to suppress your coughing????? Does anyone else think this is odd? So guess what? It doesn't work, no relief from coughing. So back to Mason's cough syrup we go.

Sunday comes adn goes with Scott in bed feeling crappy BUT we are waiting for the new beefed up anti biotics to take hold and offer some relief we know they have the potential of offering.

Monday, oh Monday. So now Scott has started to cough up blood with his mucus (sorry for the yucky visual) and I ask him, do you want to go back to the doctor? He says no. So I talk to the insta-care doctor who says to take him to the ER because there is nothing elese they can do for him. So about 2 this afternoon Scott announces he is worse and needs to go to the ER. So we went there. They insisted on doing another chest x-ray and I am like "go for it, we are so screwed anyway it won't make a difference" and they do and then they announce to us that he is no better and a little worse according to the radiologist. He has a big area of upper right lobe pnemonia and the meds he is taking are not working. So this doc decides to bring out the "bigger guns" as he calls them. So to end this story NO pharmacies are open today. Scott is to not work all week and stay in bed and recover. This is important for a few reasons. First of all it is really upsetting his work. We really don't care, but it makes us chuckle when they say stupid things like "we question your loyality to the company" and things like that because one of the reasons this turned to pnemonia is because they run his RAGGED. So also, he has another interview with West Jordan Fire Department this week AND next week he has a physical test with Midvale. He has to not only be better but REALLY better to make it through the physical in good enough time to advance.

So that has been my holiday weekend. No work, BUT a very sick and grumpy husband, his work yelling at us, 3 trips to the doc, 2 x-rays and $200 in prescriptions because nothing they give him comes in generic.

Wheeeeeeew I am glad I got that off my chest. If you are still reading I am surprised, but thanks.


Mandy said...

Whoah. Prayers for Scott!

Tamy Wilson said...

UGH I hope the medicine finally works. Hang in there:)

theycallmejane said...

Oh my goodness! Surely not the way you imagined spending your holiday weekend. Hope everything gets back on track soon!

highlyirritable said...

Oh my God. I am so sorry. What a horrible experience. My husband had serious pneumonia the year we were married and it was HORRIBLE - like, I think I may run away horrible.

I can't imagine how you are doing it without insurance. (I am Canadian.)

I am sending you good wishes and healthy vibes for a quick and full recovery.

Jen'n'Jordan said...

Wow. I hope things get better. Seriously, I understand why women are the ones to be pregnant and have periods and all that stuff we get to do - because men could NOT handle it! But I'm sure he's so grateful for such a great wife! ;) Keep up the great work!