Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick Update.


Adam rocks, need I say more?


Kitchen demolished Monday, no sick or counter tops while fixing plumbing problem. Our landlord has graciously (jk) let us out of our lease and now we have until the end of May to move. More details as they emerge.


Busy, busy, busy. We are now in full swing and the hiring is massive and I am busier than ever. Needless to say since we are not in teh store until May 11 I still have no office and no official place to take care of my sensitive HR files, but I am making due.


We are all doing well. Scott suffered a 2nd degree sprain of his ankle playing bball with the firefighters, but he miracously recovered overnight. Seriously, he was in the ER and could not walk, next morning all was well. Kids are all well. I am doing fine.

Sorry for the short post. I am still voting for Adam on American Idol though.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Welcome to Wal-Mart

Well I started my new job on Tuesday. Wow, I had no idea there was so much going on at Wal-Mart. So I officially begin "training" on Monday, with only 3 days of official training myself, I am kind of sorry for my first few classes, they are innocent people who have no idea what they are getting into. Initially they told me to expect to have a trainer for myself for a few weeks, I would do some portions of the training and then work on the massive amount of paperwork Wal-Mart has. Seriously there is a lot of paperwork. Because they work with every single government work related program teh paperwork is almost daunting. So yesterday we had a meeting with our regional HR Director (i think that is her title) and she informed me that my co-trainer from the North Logan Store should "phase out" and that she expected me to start training by myself. WHAT???!!! It was all I could do to keep my composure while she was there. She left and then I had to take a break so that the store manager did not see me freak out. I hadn't been through a single training yet, I keep getting pulled out for this meeting or this conference call, so honestly I hadn't finished orientation, but I am expected to do 3 classes next week.

So today and tomorrow is spent trying to calm myself. It will all work out. Worst case sceniorio is that I read from the training manuel word for word and sound like Ben Stein. If that is the worst I can do I am sure I can manage, but it is just daunting.

The schedule we have to hire and train between now and June 11 (I think that is the date) is very aggressive and I will be very very busy.

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Relay for Life

So Josie mentioned putting together a team for this year's Relay for Life. I chatted with her and I totally agree. I hope you all know what the Relay for Life is, but just in case, it is a way to raise money for cancer research. It is a great foundation. In Colville my Uncle David and Tanner Pehl were the DJ's for the relay for that area.

As you know our Uncle DeLoy is fighting cancer right now and is in the end stages. We would like to do this in the name of him and all the others in our family who have fought the disease, Grandma Elder, Aunt Denise Poulsen, Tucker Ricker and DeLoy Elder. We would like to make T-shirts for our team and make it a special family event. We want to include everyone!!!

The date is JULY 9-10. We dont' have to walk all night, but that really is the fun of it. The entry fee is $100 per team, but if we get enough people together it won't be much at all, maybe $10-$15 per family.

I realize some of you don't live in Utah anymore, we are hoping and praying if you know of this far enough in advance you could make arrangements to attend. To be honest I am getting emotional just thinking about it.

So I want to hear from you all. We needs ideas for a team name and what our T-shirts should look like. I would also like to make sure Grandma and Grandpa Elder are there for at least some of it, kind of like an Elder Family Reunion????

Send myself or Josie ideas or suggestions. Love you all :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What did you do today?

This could be a loaded question. Well last night I got a call from my dad that my Great Great Uncle Richard Pratt had died and my Uncle David, Uncle Bob and Grandma Bunny would be in Utah for 1 day on Monday if we wanted to go to Provo to see them. Well I had actually met my Uncle Richard a few times in my life and I was excited to possible see my Uncle David and Grandma Bunny. WE haven't seen either of them since Tanner's Funeral. So since my dad said they were still in Washington until Monday I called my Uncle Dave's house in Washington to see if we could meet up and low and behold he was already in Utah!!!! Imagine my shock!!1 So i instantly got on the phone and found him at the airport picking up my Grandma Bunny and my Uncle Bob. Unfortunately at that time he was lost and frustrated and could not talk to me. So I found out they were staying at my Great Aunt & Uncle Beverly and Dave Pratt house in Provo, so I looked them up and asked if my family and my sisters could possible come to her house on Sunday to visit our Grandma and Uncle. She was soooo open and welcoming and said "come on down" So we left our house at 9:00 this morning and drove to Provo. It was great!!! We got to see Grandma Bunny and Uncle Dave and some of Aunt Beverly's grandchildren. Our Pratt family is huge and we don't know many of them. If you have a minute look at teh link for my Uncle Richard's Obituariry, he was awesome!!! Not to bore you with family history but my uncle Richard was the son of Benjamin Pratt and Lilly Shink. Benjamin Pratt was the son of Nephi Pratt and Sarah Callister, Nephi Pratt was the son of Parly Pratt and Belinda Marden Pratt. I spent some time looking this up and it was fun. Through Benjamin Pratt my family came to live in Western Washington, Benjamin died in Spokane.

It was a great and wonderful day. My Aunt Beverly said the angels were "taking down" this meeting becuse it was special that such distant relatives got together and we were making Uncle Richard happy by coming together like this.

We got to stay for about 3 hours and then time to take the long ride home. Below are some pictures you may like. I threw in the ones of my Uncle Dave's backside just to show his personality. His son is Tanner, my cousin who was murdered last year. Hope you like them.

What did you do today?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sewer Sucks.

A while back my very witty cousin Mandy blogged about her plumbing problems. Well I had similar problems this weekend also BUT I will say it hasn't turned out as bad as her situation YET, there is still more to come.

This morning (Saturday) the kids came upstairs and asked "Should the carpet squish when I step on it?" and my first reaction was I can't believe you are asking this question, no, of course the carpet should not squish when you walk on it. Well Scott went and checked it out and it appeared we had a sewage backup in our basement. It was coming out of our toilet, bathtub, and the house drain in our utility room, and in teh backyard. So I called my landlord who was literally walking out her door for a trip to SLC and she does not give out her cell number, so I was luck I got ahold of her, and she authorized me to call the plumber. THe man was very nice and came right over and fixed the problem. We had a grease blockage between the house and the street. It was nothing we did, just years of build up and no up-keep. Well now we needed a clean up crew to decontaminate our basement because now it was covered in raw sewage. Luckily my plumber had my landlady's cell number and he called her in SLC and got authorization to call a diaster clean up crew. While all of this was going on we were standing outside talking and there is water dripping all over the house cause the snow was melting, and Scott put his hand up and felt hot water dripping OUTSIDE the house. Now this is really not good. We had the hot water running in my kitchen sink to help to clean out the drains because the plumber had poured some citrus stuff down them, and the hot water from my kitche sink is draining through the wall and under my siding and outside. OH MY GOSH!!! I am dying. So he says this is a HUGE problem and he can't fix it. It will require demolition. So then the cleaning guys came and tore up my carpet and trashed the pad and disinfected teh basement and sprayed everything with an anti-microbial to keep from mold and other stuff from growing from raw sewage, EWWWWWWW. He the said they were unable to access teh floor where the drain is in the laundry/craft room. It is in a small space and it has our furnace and 2 water heaters and a bunch of stuff, and he recommend "opening the wall" from the hallway to get in and clean it properly. He said it like it is no big deal, but really, I think it is a big deal. I do not wish to live with heavy construction going on in my house. I am starting a new job and this is a worry that I don't need. Oh and did I mention that Spring Break is underway, so now my children are home for 9 days? I can just see myself, No leave the nice scary looking construction alone, no he doesn't want to play, stay out of the sheetrock dust, no don't go downstairs......

I hope my house doesn't end up like Mandy's. As of right now we can still do our dishes and use all of our toilets and such, BUT if this turns bad I will loose the use of my kitchen and that would be unimaginable. So much so that I am just going to pretend all is well and go to my happy place.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I got a JOB

Yes, I did. I am now the training manager at the brand new Wal Mart in Logan, by Macey's.

You are all asking how I got that job whem I am a bookkeeper, and believe me I am still also asking myself that same question. But none the less, that is me. teh pay is good and the benefits rock. I start next week pending my durg screen and background check come back clean.

Wish me luck. I am actually kind of nervous, I have to hire and train 300 new employees very soon and quickly.