Saturday, September 26, 2009

More Animal Smiles

It seems I have been blogging about my animals a lot lately, but here you go.  First let me say I realize animals are a lot of work BUT i can't even imagine my life without them.  It is very very rewarding and the love they give is great, even when they do something bad (Titan) and he looks at me with those sad puppy eyes that just seem to say "I'm sorry, I won't do it again" and I believe him. 

So here is a little background to the photos to follow.  We have Duke our 9 year old English Bulldog.  Now 9 years old is very old for Bulldogs and he is almost completely blind but he is hanging in there.  Titan is our 5 month old Engligh Mastiff.  Yes we seem to have an affinity for animals with flat faces (Pebbles and Duke) and any breed that has English in the title.  Titan being a puppy loves nothing more than to play and he would play all day long if we were able or Duke could stand it.  The best part of Titan's day is when Duke gives in and plays with him, unfortunately Titan is clumsy and plays very very hard with poor old Duke.  So after a long hard game of torture Duke this is how Titan makes it up to him.  These pictures were hard to get because if they see us Titan stops doing it.  So sorry for the spots, it was taken through my dirty sliding glass doors but you can still get the idea of how much they love and understand each other.  Duke even seems to be enjoying it.

So I hope you can tell from these slightly blurry photos that Titan has his paw around Duke's shoulders and he is licking behind his ear.  Duke loves having his ears scratched and it appears that Titan has figured this out.  Most of the time Duke acts like he doesn't like Titan and he is just too old for this dumb puppy but then I catch moments like that and I can see it's all just for show, Duke really does like Titan.

For the record I have seen Titan hold Mason down with his ginormous puppy paw and lick him all over.  It is just cute, but I haven't been able to get a pic of that one yet.


Tamy Wilson said...

Cute pictures Charity, so precious.

Tamy Wilson said...

Pebbles is a cute name for your cat:)

The King Family said...

That is SO cute!

vcsings said...

Those pictures are cute enough to be on a tv show about animals or in a book! You have more patience than I do for animals.Good luck with them. Love you!