Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Inspired and Relevant

Well that was my goal today. To write about something that inspired me and maybe would inspire others and to keep it relevant. Relevant to what you say? Well to whatever I was inspired by. Today I am going to write about life in general. The good and the bad. The ups and the downs. Not all of them of course, but just those I experienced today.

First off I am being inspired by Jim Croce, he is now singing Photographs and Memories.....I love that song. yes I have a diverse love of music.

So you all know Scott is sick. Well because his illness his employer has questioned his "dedication" to his job. This made me sooooo fighting mad. I felt more like he was my child at school who had a teacher that needed a talking to instead of a supportive wife. I wanted to march down there and give them a piece of my mind that goes kind of like this: My husband works for you 24/7 (that is literal, he works all day long and then is their afterhours dispatcher/truck driver) so he is never NOT working. I believe that is one of the reasons he got so sick, he was working so much and going to school. I am sure Mandy can relate to this, but it appears Michael handles it better than Scott. See I digress. So I got over that and I have come to the conclusion of this: It is only money. That is it. My love of my husband does not revolve around the $$ he brings in. If that was it I would have left him a long time ago. Other wives would keep him going at that rate because the $$ is very good, but the trade off is not seeing him ever. And unlike Michael (sorry for picking on you Mandy) Scott would have no end. Michael has an end and Mandy can look forward to that. If Scott stayed at his job there would be no end. Because of that fact I just look at them now and say "If you care so little for your employees who are EXTREMELY ILL then we don't need you" Scott can find another job and he is actively looking for one. He did not go to school to become a firefighter so he could work as a tow truck driver. So even though we were delt another blow with this pnemonia it is okay and we are totally at peace with this turn of events. Funny how that happens huh? This is something that for other couples/families could be completely devastating and we look at each other and go "oh well, we can handle anything together" One reason may be because Uncle DeLoy is so close to death and once you watch death come it makes petty things like money seem less important. Now we will never be wealthy, but I don't care, I just want to be happy. Have my hubby work at a job he loves and be home when he is done, in our modest little (yes I am sure little) home and spend time with our family. Is that too much to ask???? Now Scott is so sick he is putting in jeopardy his testing/interview for Midvale Fire Department next week. He has to be in tip top physical condition to pass the physical test with a good enough time to move on and right now he can't go up 14 stairs with a load of laundry without having a coughing fit. And once again "Oh Well"

Now for the good. My 11 year old still thinks I am cool. He prefers to hang with his buddies instead of the girls that are "looking" at him. I get these questions "mom why do those girls keep looking at me and writing me notes" he just doesnt' understand what they want. He doesn't write back, and they probably think he is rude, but he doesnt' "see" girls yet and I am completely fine with that. He still thinks his dad is cool and will come to us with anything. I hope it always stays that way even though I am sure it will change. Colton is super sweet and is a sneakey trouble maker BUT we love him tons. He is very creative at getting out of his chores. Rainee is deffinately a princess. She loves fingernail polish, dance lessons with Aunt Jenn and stickers. She is very loving also. Mason, oh little Mason. I think there is a special place for your youngest child and there is also a reason they are the youngest. Mason could give anyone a run for their money. I show up at preschool today to find him dressed up in a leather fringe vest with a silver sequined vest on top with a beautiful blue bonnet on his head. he is sitting on the floor surrounded by his 6 babies and he is talkign to them. I had to literally "remove" his dress up clothes to take him home where he has now discovered Rainee's old dance costumes. How cute!!

So please remember to put your life struggles in perspective. I kind of put my head down and just plow through teh trials, there has to be an end, I just know it. When I find it I will let you know. For now it is longer working hours for me. Good thing I have a job that accomodates me and IF i were sick with pnemonia they woudln't fire me.

How did I do????


Tamy Wilson said...

My family motto is "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit" Way to stay positive. Remember positivity brings positivity.

vcsings said...

You guys are strong and will bounce back. Remember, this too shall pass.There are blessings coming that you do not know about yet. Love you all!