Thursday, January 7, 2010

UPDATE.....Hallujuah.....Not Depression

More details but i'm not depressed.  THe meds I wernt on thinking i was depressed were BAD for me.  I am now back to myself and have tons to do to catch back up.  But we are now exploring a hormonal issue that may be related to my hysterectomy i had while livingin in Washington and forgot to tell my Family Doc.  So on monday I am going in to tell him that I messed up.  This isi great news really.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Hiatus

Ok, so it has been a long time since I have blogged.  So here is the short of a long story and why I am taking a break.  I am pretty positive I will resume my blogging once again I just need some time.

Yes the rumors are true, I am going through a little depression right now.  Yes I am getting help for it.  Yes I will be okay.  Yes my husband still loves me.  I like to point out the fact that I had 4 kids and 1 miscarriage and NEVER suffered any post-pardum depression.  This is the FIRST time in 13 years (can you believe it?) that I have ever had a problem such as this.  We will make it through.  With the help of the Lord, modern medicine, and family we will make it through.  So yes if I seem a little down it's cause I am.  If you are wondering where "chipper ole' charity" went?  Well she is still here somewhere, we are just working on getting her back out here.

So no comments on being sorry for me ok???  That isn't what I want to hear and it will just make me mad.  I am okay and I am working through it.  My sisters are helping, most of the time, JUST KIDDING!!  My husband still loves me and my kids think I am lazy and sleep a lot and let's be honest right now that is a pretty good description.  Oh and I did loose my job on Monday, so that did not help much either, and now my van is permanetly out of commission.

 So now it is literally hour by hour for me.  If I do not have a reason to move or do something I don't .  Right now I am getting kids ready for school then I will probably hit teh bed again.  Why you ask??  Well doesn't it sound like the best thing to do??  It does to me.

I will be back.  I know I will.  This cannot last forever.  That's what I tell Scott and I think he believes me, well I hope he believes me.

Thanks for understanding guys.