Sunday, January 2, 2011

Full House

Well the last week has been BUSY. That is only one of the few adjectives I have to describe. I will outline this past week and try to keep it short.  In November I offered for my best friend to come and live with us if they needed for her husband to find new work. There is really next to NO work in Washington, so she took me up on my offer.  Needless to say I was very very excited.  I missed her so much.  So the day after Thanksgiving her husband Josh packed up a Uhaul and drove down here to Millville.  I had only met him 1 time but I was sure he would fit in and find work, and he did, the next day :)  So the plans were made and Catina and the kids were scheduled to follow him here the day after Christmas.  She had kids from a previous marriage so it took 30 days before they could leave the state.  Well we were not sure that Josh could take the time off work to fly to Spokane and then drive back here, so it was decided that myself and Bowen would make the trip with her.  Last sunday, the 26th Bowen and I flew to Spokane and my wonderful Uncle David picked us up from the airport and drove us to Colville where we got to spend about 15 minutes visiting family there and saw Katie and Ian's new baby who was only 5 days old, Oh My Gosh, I want one....anyway, then Catina came and got us and our adventure began.  She had some great helpers who loaded the Uhaul and we spent some time doing last minute shopping at Walmart and then packing sandwiches and drinks for our drive.  We got into Colville a little after 7 PM and we went to bed at 11 ish and then woke up and 4:00 AM and left her mother's house at 5 AM and after getting the kids from their dads' house and last minute stuff, we pulled out of COlville at 5:30 AM.  I was driving the Uhaul truck with Bowen being my co-pilot and Catina drove the mini van with the kids.  What a trip!!!  It was long, and it was made even longer by the slow going of the Uhaul, 70 was the top speed except for the few, very few downhills then i actually hit 75.  Bowen was great and handed me stuff and kept me going.  I actually think I listened to all 2000 songs on my ipod haha, I don't think Montana has very many radio stations, wonder what those people do??  Anyways we made it to Idaho Falls and had to stop.  We were only 3 hours from home but the kids were absolutely done.  Fighting and screaming. So we got a cheap hotel and let them loose.  I was physically tired but could I sleep??  NO!!  UGH, so I napped from 10 to 3 then i was awake. everyone else was asleep so I read a book on my ipad.  Thank goodness for that.  Then at 6 i started to wake everyone up and by 7 we were on teh road again.  Seriously teh last 100 miles were the longest.  I was asking "are we tehre yet??"  Well we made it home with no incidents.  WE were safe and everyone is here.  We now have 7 kids and 4 adults in my home and believe it or not it works.  I am happy Catina is here, I missed her and while I know she misses her family in Washington, I am so very happy, how selfish huh?

Well that has been our last week.  Now school starts and I am very excited to get the kids out of here.  They are stir crazy cause of the cold weather, if it wasn't for their new xbox they got for Christmas I don't konw what we would have done.