Monday, February 22, 2010

Guess I needed something to blog about.....

Yes it has been a long time.  Did you miss me?  Probably not.  Well this last week has been soooooo much fun I just wanted to share.  I know this is going to be long, but hang in with me ok?

So Scott started 8 day break last Sunday.  I know 8 days, it was AWESOME.  We did "Spring" cleaning in February.  Who knew we had so much junk, i mean stuff, that needed to leave our home and find a new one via the DI?  Wow!!  Anyway we spent 3 days sorting and organizing and going back and forth to the DI, then on Thursday we went snowboarding at Beaver Mountain cause it was Bowen's 12 birthday.  I have a 12 year old, how crazy and surreal is that?  Anyways for his bday he got outfitted for snowboarding.  He got pants, a cool coat, a used snowboard from a pawn shop and used boots from the DI.  He loved it.  So Thursday we took our kids and a friend and a niece to Beaver Mountain.  What a beautiful day.  I even hired my private instructor to teach me how to snowboard.  According to Scott we paid him to hold my hand for 2 hours, but I disagree.  By the end of my 2 very tiring hours (legs are out of shape) I am able to snowboard down Little Beaver backwards (on my toe side).  Yes I said Backwards.  I am all kinds of messed up, but in a short explaination my calf muscles are stronger than my quads so I am unable to stand up facing forwards on my board when I fall down.  I am only able to get myself up without help from my toes, so that is why I snowboard backwards.  I fully plan on torturing my quads into shape for the next few weeks so when we go again for Scott's Bday (in March) I may be able to actually see where I'm going.

So Friday we recover from Thursday cause I am sore.  I fell a lot but I took a few "flyswatter" falls on my bum and bruised both my right and left cheek (TMI I know) .  So Saturday rolls around and I am SUPER excited cause this is the day we leave for Wendover. 

Back in December Tamy decided for her 30th birthday she wanted a party with her family and friends in Wendover.  So she booked rooms and set the date.  I have been looking forward to this for sometime, and saving up for it.  So our day started with packing for our 1 night trip, but since the kids were going to Grandma Kathy's we all had to pack.  Then we dropped off our kids, waved goodbye, and very happily turned up the radio and left Cache Valley.  We stopped at Maddox for lunch, can I just say YUM, cause I knew the casino food sucks, and we were throughly stuffed and sated for our long drive.  Then we stopped at Amber's to see her.  She had surgery on FRiday and she was also in possession of the gift we bought Tamy.  We filled up with gas in Layton then we're off.  It was a beautiful day and we had a blast with that time to visit and talk like grown up's are suppose to do.

So we are literally just 1-2 minutes behind Tamy and Rick, but we never caught up.  Dang BMW is faster than our Tahoe.  We go to check in together to have the hotel not find our reservations.  SO while Rick is working that out we sat and just chilled.  Finally they found them and we were off.  Our rooms were nice and ours was very very purple.  Tamy's was teal, i am not sure which one was better, LOL.  Then off to the floor to play while we waited for dinner at 7.  We went to the Nugget and signed up for the poker tournament.  THat's right you all heard me POKER TOURNAMENT.  This is what I had been looking forward to.  One small fee gets you lots of chips and hours and hours of competative poker.  But first we had to have our birthday dinner.  RIck had reservations for us and all 25 people at the cafe with Rick once again picking up the bill.  THANKS RICK.  Scott and I had to leave a little early to get to our tournament on time.  We checked in and there was 75 people and only 3 girls!~!  I was a little nervous but once I got started I was unstoppable.  I took out so many guys it was almost laughable.  I even made it to the last table.  Now Scott was trying his hardest but only made it to the 3rd table.  So I am playing and having a blast.  It took over 2 hours, but I ended up coming in 6 place.  I can't believe it 6th place!!  The bummer is they pay $$ to the first 5 places, so I was soooo close to getting some extra moola, but not quite.  So just to quote my brother-in-law Rick "I am still a looser" but it was sooooo fun loosing.

Scott and I hung around and played real poker until after 1 AM and then we hit our totally uncomfortable and lumpy beds.  I did win more and was up $100.  Here comes morning and it's breakfast with the group and then we go back to the Nugget with Tamy and Rick where Tam and I play Blackjack while Scott plays Poker until it is time for checkout at 11.  Tam was low on chips so I kept her in teh game for a while, then we both had enough to keep going.  Overall it was great.  Aside from the smoke, which made me cry the entire time, it was a great weekend.  THANKS TAMY AND RICK.  We will always remember the adult weekend.

So there, I had someting to blog about.