Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hunting Widow........Kind Of

So in Washington Scott took up hunting.  It wasn't very hard there, get in your mini-van, yup mini-van he had no truck at the time, and drive up the road a mile or two, then get out, BANG BANG, grab the deer and put it back in your mini-van, yes I said inside, good thing it was my old mini-van, and drive it home and take care of it in the shop.

Fastforward to Utah, not many deer, not many elk.  The hunting requires you to drive miles and miles up the canyons, park and hike and hike and hike to find "the perfect spot" only to find that it is the perfect spot for other hopeful hunters also.  He spent hours, lierally, combing over maps and making countless phone calls he was able to feel confident he wouldn't be on private ground or hunting for "spike only" with his "any bull" tag.  It is all so confusing in Utah.  Seriously in Washington we had to drive less than a mile to hit public land.  You just hunted for any buck you found, it didn't matter if it was a spike or a bull, and if you came upon private ground you could just ask teh farmer and 9 times out of 10 the answer was sure go ahead.  Also because of the logging industry there were ample nicely groomed roads that even a mini-van could driver and never get stuck.

So on Friday night, after Scott smoked his fire fighter physical test, and after the life changing phone call from Ogden City Fire Department, he still wanted to go hunting for the elusive Utah Elk.  So since we don't camp he picked a spot to park his truck and was gonig to stay the night in his truck since he had to start hiking about 4:30 AM to get to his "sweet spot" before first light to pick off those elk as they make their way to the safety of Hardware Ranch.  Amazingly enough you are allowed to hunt those animals as they make their way to safety.  So he had to move a few times, he wasn't seeing any elk, so he hiked and hiked and crossed the stream a few times, which is bigger than a stream but smaller than a river and shockingly cold.  At about noon he returend home to me, wet, cold and tired because being 6'6" he doesn't sleep well sitting up in his truck cab. 

So after a nap he packed up Colton and Bowen this time, to offer them up as sacrifice to the occasional mountain lions they came across, Just Kidding, to let them in on the Utah hunting experience.  After a few hours of hiking up and down mountains and across rivers that were too deep for the boys they came home.  They were soaking wet to their wastes, freezing feet and Colton had what he called "Eskimo Disease"  all I could get out of him was that it affected his " boy" area, I laughed and laughed about that.  They all got home and ate a lot of hot potato soup and went promptly to sleep. 

Colton woke up this morning saying his back and legs hurt and Scott wanted to take them back up tonight but he has no takers to accompany him and you can bet I am NOT going.  You hear that right I AM NOT GOING.  I know you are all thinking I am a horriable non-supportive wife, but to be honest we aren't starving, I don't enjoy cooking venison, and I am perfectly happy spending some of our hard earned money on store bought meats.

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Jen'n'Jordan said...

So I dated an avid hunter back in the day, and actually left at 3:30 one time to accompany him on a hunt for deer. One time. That was it. I'm so glad I didn't marry a hunter. :D Not my thing. SOrry Scott! Good luck on your own! :)