Friday, October 16, 2009

Water + Kitten = Drown Rat

Ok, so here is my uplifting story of the week.  And the reason this is uplifiting is the kitten did not, I repeat DID NOT drown.  So enjoy a story and use your imagination.

First off you have all met my kitten Pebbles right?

Isn't she cute?

Anyway because she is a Persian Cat, they have long long poofy (is that a word?) hair and because I am determined to keep her pretty hair nice and knot free she gets bath's in the sink once a week.  I figured if I started this out early she will handle it better when she is older.  So far she doesnt' mind it as long as the water is nice and warm and it does not get in her eyes.  Also, right after a bath she is sooooooo fluffy and she smells pretty.  So like I said she gets bathed regularily, no big deal.

Well last night (Thursday evening) it was bath night and Rainee had taken a bath, again no big deal.  Well around 9:30 PM Scott and I were in bed and I heard this loud kitty screeking.  Seriously it sounded like a banshee wailing.  So I jumped out of bed and since Scott didn't hear it he was like what are you doing crazy woman?  I followed the horriable sound to find, much to my astonishment, my kitten in a bathtub FULL of water.  Let me reiderate this A BATHTUB FULL OF WATER.  She was there with her head tilted up as far as she could and the water, miracously, stopped right at her bottom jaw.  If Rainee had just put 1/2 inch of water in the tub she would have drowned.  And yes, I would have done mouth-to-mouth, let's face it she has grown on us.

So I scooped her up and didn't have a towl near by so I ran back into my bedroom with a dripping wet kitten who is hissing and spitting at me.  I can just hear her thoughts "where did that water come from?  I always play in that tub and there is never anything in it."  She was maaaaaaad.  So I grab a clean town and wrap her up and it is all she can do to get away from me like I am the one who did it to her, when in acutality I was the savior who saved her life and she is forgetting this point.  At one point she did get out of my grasp and ran right to Scott and cuddled right up on his shoulder and that is where she stayed.

No Scott isn't sleeping, he just didn't want me to take his picture.

So he occasionally tried to rub her with the towl to aid in her drying process, but she would have none of it and spent ALL NIGHT perched there on his shoulder.

I am sorry Pebbles.  Rainee will NEVER leave water in her bathtub again.  Why do I know this?  Well being the mean mom I am I sort of, kind of, might have implied to her that she was responsible for killing the cat from her tub full of water, and I then went on to add that it could have been Mason in that tub and he could have drown also.  Then after she was crying, I pulled out Pebbles and showed her she was okay.  That may have been mean but I needed her to understand why what she did was bad, not because mom said.

So I am now sure Pebbles is scared for life, but we will see, now she doesnt' need a bath for another week and maybe she will forget by then right?

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Tamy Wilson said...

Poor Kitty:( It is hard to be a kitten.