Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday, Aggie Game, Pumpkins.......

So I am going to explain my Saturday.  It is kind of crazy so try to keep up.

On Friday Tamy decided she would come up on Saturday to take family pictures.  Scott wanted pictures in his new uniform and I needed new head shots of the kids since I do not buy the expensive and usually ugly school pictures.  So we were all excited and I washed the pants and shirts needed.  Well on Saturday we woke up and started to do "fall cleaning" outside and putting up bikes and mowing the lawn one last time (I hope) and just putting everything all away.  About 10:00 this morning I get a phone call from work and it is my boss (I work at Lynn's Audio Video) and because we are a sponsor for the Aggie game today he wanted to know if I wanted the free tickets to the game.  Well in all my life in Logan I have never attended an Aggie football game.  I was only a student at USU for a short while before switching schools and I never wanted to pay the $$ to see them and to be honest the first time I went to an Aggie basketball game was last year when my previous employer (Jones Simkins) gave my family tickets.  Anyway, I was like YES.  The kids were excited, we were excited then we checked out the time of the game and it started at 1:00.  Tamy was suppose to be here at 12:00 so that sucks.  We decided to go to the game and miss Tamy.  I am sorry Tamy, we will come see you soon.

The Aggies lost (no surprise) BUT it was a good enough game to keep your attention for a while.  The kids enjoyed the marching band and Big Blue and we discovered the BEST french fries/chips ever. 

Ribbon Fries

Okay, so I will admit there are some certain treats that I like at the local fairs like Texas Tornado drinks and Elephant Ears (fry bread) and now I have found another favorite.  I have never had these before.  They are 1 big continous ribbon of potato that is fried.  The lady was cute when she said "If you eat them hot they are fries, if you let them cool they are chips" and she was right.  We only had 1 plate to share, which was a good thing because I am sure I could eat a few plates myself.  They were so thin and hot and yummy. I now want to buy one myself so I can have them whenever I want.  Seriously the ribbon fries made the lousy game worth it.

Then we came home and Scott is on call for both Autocare (wrecker calls) and as EMT for Millville/Nibley.  He is getting soooooo excited for Monday when he officially starts his job.  The good thing I learned is that our full health, life, dental, vision, HSA insurance goes into effect on the first day of work.  So as of Monday we have health insurance.  Don't get me wrong the kids have always had insurance but Scott and myself haven't had insuance since we left Washington, which is why his pnemonia was so hard on us we had to pay cash.

Then the kids decided to do pumpkins tonight.  And I will admit I am probably a horriable mom because I HATE pumpkins.  I hate the smell, it makes me want to vomit, I hate the slime and the seeds.  Since we have had kids it has been Scott's job to do pumpkins and to be honest if Josie and Cliff hadn't generously brought us pumpkins I may have bought those fake ones from Joann that you can still carve.  Oh well now my house and my cat smells like pumpkin (because they thought she was cute inside a pumpkin).

Have a nice weekend, we did.

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Anonymous said...

I am SO happy to hear that you guys are insured now. ANd I hear you with regard to the pumpkins. I'm taking my kids to the local mall where they put on a Harvest Festival with carving so I won't have to touch them!