Saturday, October 24, 2009

This is one ginormous size post

Well this week has come and gone and while I have a goal to blog more than 1 time a week, I am trying to use this as my journal, I had a hard time getting to it.  Since Scott has been working I have been doing housework.  It is amazing how hard it is to do housework when your significant other is home and not helping, it just takes the wind out of my sails.  As soon as he goes to work I feel like cleaning.

Anyway tomorrow, October 25, is Colton's 9th birthday.  I can only say I am glad that he is past 8 and we don't have to baptise him again, I don't hink I could handle organizing a family party right now.  So finally Colton decided he wanted to have a party at the Sports Academy in the gymnastics gym.  Cliff and Josie did this for Bailey's birthday and my kids LOVED it, so he decided to do it again.  I rented it for 1 1/2 hours.  I'll tell you it was great.  The kids needed no direction they just spread out and went all over.  There are 4 olympic trampolines and they were in use the entire time.  Mason had 1 dedicated just to himself, I think he jumped for an hour straight.  Here are some photos of the trampolines (the ones that turned out).  Ok so none of the trampoline pictures turned out, they are just a bunch of blur.  But trust me they were fun, I even spent some time on them.

So then we move on to the balance beam.  It was also a popular attraction.  Here are some pictures.  As you will see Misty if showing us how good her balancing skills after hours of practice on the rail of her bed when she was younger.  She did a cartwheel on the balance beam, she fell off, but she did it.  Cliff was not to be outdone so he did one also.  It was great fun.  Oh and he also fell off so they are even.

Here is a pic of Bowen on the vault.  I am sure he has olympic potential with the way he was trying to break his arm, I mean show off his manly gymnastic skills.

Ok, that now brings us to arguabley the most sought-after activity of the afternoon, the Zip Line.  There was a line up for that thing.  It wasn't very long, but you did get to drop into a lovely soft "pit" of mats and every kid loved it.  Our wonderful host Thomas (I think that was his name, if not that is what I will refer to him as from here on out) spent most of his time taking kids back and forth on that.......

Does Mistly look a little bit big to be on the zip line?

Everytime she hit the ground.  Josie and I laughed and laughed and so did Misty, but she finally figured out how to pick up her feet so she wouldn't smack into the mat anymore.

Bailey tried, but would having nothing to do with it.  Neither would Mason.

Bowen being a ham.  He is also to big to be on the zip line, which was a contributing factor to the next pictures.

My nephew McKay (Michelle's oldest son) was standing in line behind Bowen waiting for the zip line up on a pad, and Bowen was getting ready to go, McKay looked up and Bowen jumped on the line and the line came down so much and as McKay looked up the steel cable smacked him in the forehead and split it open.  Wow did it bleed, like head wounds do.  So I immediately run over and his mother is just standing there not knowing what to do (she is "slow") and goes to get some papertowels, as she hands them to me she decided she wants them wet, but I just grab them and slap them on his head with a lot of pressure.  She then just stands back and says very loudly and in mono-tone voice "Are you ok McKay?"  over and over and very loud.  I take charge, tell her he will be fine and to get him to stop freaking out I just tell him to take big deep breaths in adn out and try to calm down.  I am hearing talks of him having a seizure (which he does) and people getting aggitated.  Everytime I take the papertowls off it just gushes like Old Faithful.  So we just sit there for like 20 minutes waiting for it to stop, and his mother finally walked away.  And my MIL was there, and I only let her stay after telling her to be quiet and let me take care of him.  My friend Denise was there also and she is real big into homeopathic cures and she has some butterlfly strips and superglue in her bag.  She wanted to glue it shut, which I am a BIG fan of BUT we had nothing to disinfect it first and the thought of gluing in the germs made me cringe, so I just took her butterfly bandage and held it together and it seemed to hold fine.  Thomas got a bag of ice and McKay took a break on the chair.  After about 10 minutes he was ready to play again, even though his mother wasn't so sure.  She does not handle these situations well, but I assured her that he was fine to play, just keep his head away from places that could hit it again.  The one thing that bugged me most was the fact she never completely cleaned his face off as you can see in the picture.  I didn't have time to do it because I was helping to watch our group, and she never thought to do it.

Here is a picture of our entire group.  All in all it was a good party.  Everyone had fun.  Colton loved it and got a few gifts, but that didn't matter to him, he didn't want gifts, just a good time with his friend.


Tamy Wilson said...

I am glad he had a happy birthday and fun party:)Love the pictures last year I was so sore trying to do all the gymnastic stuff there. I am sure you will get use to sleeping without Scott I can't wait to hear how his night went.

vcsings said...

So wish we could have come! Both Lyd and Mal were feeling sick on Sat. and I did not want to chance it. Lyd was much worse on Sun. so glad we stayed home. Mal is just coughing now.SHEESH! She just got over a cough!Happy Birthday Colton!

Kristi said...

Good times! Poor kid though. Good thing you can keep it together. Happy Birthday Colton.

Amber said...

the thing about your long posts.. is i bet because you type so FAST that they don't seem all that long to you until after your done typing. i'm that same way.. Justin just looks at me like.. how can you type that fast... ect..
i just tell him.. cause i'm that good.. just don't look to close at the spelling.. lol
and with charity you know she is going fast when you see "TEH" or "hte".. meaning "the"..