Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Again

So this week was nice I guess. I worked with Scott on finishing up some school stuff. I went to the gym 5 days this week with Scott. I am concentrating on cardio right now, and then will add weights later. Right now I am doing 45-60 minutes of hard cardio each day while Scott does his stuff. I can't quite handle the pounding of the running yet, but I can do the eliptical and bikes. Scott has to run and do push-ups and sit-ups for his physical tests for the fire departments so that is what he is concentrating on right now. He is especially learning how to pace himself while running to get his 1 1/2 miles down to under 11 minutes. He can do it on a treadmill, but a track is a totlly different thing.

We still have not found a house. We found one we LOVE in the mouth of Green Canyon. It is just perfect. 6 bedrooms and 2 offices and the master suite is to die for. The owners wanted to sell it, but it has been on the market for a year with no offers. The husband is ready to lease it, but the wife is still holding out. We met with both of them and are now waiting for the decision.

Scott tested for the fire department at West Valley City on Saturday morning, along with 300 applicants. We had a small stress to begin with becasue we forgot his birth certificate. They gave us 30 minutes to get it faxed down. So my mother ran up to our house and grabbed it and faxed it to us with 5 minutes left to go. THANKS MOM!!!!! Scott was very confident that he aced his test and now we are waiting to hear. They will inform us on Monday if he made it to the next part of the interview, the physical challenge. I know he can deffinately pass this part. The hardest part is just getting to that point. Then we went to Tamy's so that Scott could look at their yard and see what they want done to change it. We grabbed a quick lunch and then headed home. We wanted to stop to see Amber, BUT our babysitters (our mom's) needed us home. We also had to get home so that Rainee could go to her dance show that night. We made it home with just enough time for me to curl every little single piece of her hair and rat it up just to have it fall again, but she was super cute. She is a natural performer and a full audiance of people doesn't seem to phase her. Then while I was sitting wtih Aunt Julie and Misty she told me that Logan High School needs a new Cheerleader coach and that I should apply. I got a big laugh out of that.

I am still applying for jobs and going on interviews. Nothing promising yet.

The kids had parent-teacher conferences this week and they are all doing very well grade wise. Bowen needs to quit talking and work on "well timed humor" I would prefer no humor, but it appears I have a class clown on my hands, so his teacher is helping him to learn when it is appropriate or not. Colton is doing just great, his teacher had nothing bad to say about him except he is missing a library book. Rainee has great grades BUT she has not turned in any of her homework. It gets done every day at either After School Club or at home and it is in her backpack, BUT she does not turn it in. We are trying to push for this the last part of school.

That is us in a very large nutshell. I just wanted to say I am extremely blessed to be able to spend this much time with my husband. In our entire marrige we have not spent as much time together as this past year, and the amazing part is we don't get on each others' nerves. I look forward to either him or I (I am hoping him) gets a job and then this will end. No more going to the gym together and other simple things as going to bed and waking up together. I love him a lot and can't help but wonder if all this peaceful time together is preparing us for something in the future that would test this bond. I sincerely hope not. I love him and all my family, and believe it or not throughout this entire year we have both had an extreme sense of peace in our hearts. When we should be fighting or upset we are calm and let it go. Even when I lost my job, I was upset for about a day, then it didn't bother me anymore. I had other more important things to worry about, and that I see as a blessing, that I have not let these temporal things take over my life. We have a goal in sight and we are not straying from it.

I love you all.


Tamy Wilson said...

It was great seeing you guys I hope you can do something with our yard:) I hope Scott passed his test.

Mandy said...

I hope Scott's job works out!

Kristi said...

I admire how upbeat and optimistic you are. We wish you the best. Keep up the good mood.

Jen'n'Jordan said...

Good luck with the house! You'll love that area; we did!