Saturday, March 21, 2009


There has to be a greater purpose that would drive most girls to grow up and one day want to spend the rest of their lives with boys. I know it happened to me, but tonight I am up at 11 PM wondering why, just why do they have to be annoying, gross, stinky and all those other things boys are?

I had a good day today, but tonight I was very very tired after going out to the ranch to see the calves, so we put in Twilight (terrific) for me to watch. When it was over I was very tired adn the kids were asleep, so we went to bed. Well I TRIED to go to bed. Scott then proceeded to be loud and noisy in the bathroom. I was laying in bed then he crawled in and coughed and then cleared his nose AND throat while in bed (he is getting over a cold) and then he could tell I was getting irritated so he turned over towards me to be even louder THEN he decided he wanted to cuddle. So I am already irritated, I didn't want to be touched, I WAS tired and now I am annoyed and he wants to touch me, I am sure I can't say it loud enough, GO AWAY!!!! He would not leave me alone and the worst part was he was doing it ONLY to annoy me, no other reason. BOYS!!!! Just like Bowen teasin Rainee until she cries.

So now I am WIDE AWAKE at 11 PM tring to get tired again so I can go back to sleep. I am not going back into my bedroom until I am absolutely sure he is sleeping and can't annoy me wiht other "bodily sounds/smells" or won't touch me. We have a king size bed, so he has plenty of room to not touch me......

Don't get me wrong, I am not mad at him, just annoyed that tonight of all nights he is like a little boy teasing his sister.



Jen'n'Jordan said...

Been there, done that. Are you sure Scott and Jordan aren't the ones who are related!? Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!

vcsings said...

Tsk!Tsk!We shouldn't write blogs when we are annoyed! That being said,I agree that it is amazing that such opposites as men and women should ever get together. Yes it is all in the plan. Better luck sleeping tonight.(p.s. Scott said I was snoring last night and kept him awake with my cold. What goes around comes around, right?)