Thursday, March 5, 2009

Let's hear it for Scottie......He's on FIRE!!!

So for any of you who would admit to watching the Austin Powers movies you will recall a moment when they are making fun of Scott, Dr. Evil's son, and they say "Scottie's on Fire...." with a killer accent. So now this is the new saying in our house. I threatened to make a sign for his graduation that said it, but I was threatened with unmentionable things not to, so I didn't.

Scott graduted from BATC's Fire Academy. He managed to be Class Officer, which is the same as Class President, except instead of be elected to this position, he was appointed by the Joint Fire Chief's of Logan, North Logan, and Smithfield. They also named him Student of the month. For those of you who live in the Cache Valley area you will have an opportunity to see him on the front cover of the BATC catalog. He is also in there further to the back. He is embarrassed because all his buddies saw it and have been calling today to give him grief.

I am sooo proud of him. He is ver well liked by his class mates and they still meet to work out together. Now since I am jobless I get to go to the gym with him. Firefighters have very very strick physical standards, so now it to the gym 5 days a week so he can pass the tests. He loves working out, but he is not a runner. His biggest test is running 1 1/2 miles under 11:30. He is soooo close, and I know what you are all thinking, he has such long legs, yeah he does but he does not like to run. He likes lifting weights and such, so running is the one thing he has to be forced to do. OH well, he is doing great. By the end of this class he lost almost 40 pounds. I think he is on the fast track to being in a firefighter calendar, lol.

I love him so much and I am sooo proud of him. Not only that he graduated, but that he did so as class officer and with high grades. He did not have to re-take any book test or physical test, he passed them all the first time. He is now going out to teh North Logan and Smithfield Fire Departments trying to decide where he wants to volunteer, but it looks like Smithfield will win. He has tested so far for Unified Fire in SLC and for West Valley City. He hasn't made any of those because he doesn't have "preference" preference is given to those who live in teh are and Vets. So next week he tests in Ogden, so maybe there? IT is really hard and competative because 300-600 people test for 5 positiions, so it is hard. He has to get 100% on teh written tests and blow out the physical tests. He is on his way. Logan will test this spring sometime and we are just hoping and praying he has a chance there.

He is taking the phlebotomy course the end of this month and then he will try for a job at a hospital or doctor's office while volunteering at Smithfield, so that will add some preference points when he tests. Keep your fingers crossed and this will all work out the way we need it to. The Lord has a path for us and a plan, we are just waiting to see what it is.

Thanks for you support!!!!!

P.S. isn't he hot in his pic??? I love men in uniform, LOL


Tamy Wilson said...

Way to go Scott, he'll get in somewhere just got to be patient.

Josie said...

Go scott! I saw the book the second I opened the mailbox today!! lol

vickiecraw said...

WOO HOOOO! CONGRATULATIONS SCOTTY! Great picture!You definately deserve the recognition. Your family is lucky to have such a hardworking guy for their husband/father! Good luck with the job hunt. Love Aunt Vickie

Jen'n'Jordan said...

Way to go! That's great! I know you'll get something soon!

Josie said...

Haha- do you really want some trunks for Mason? I can make bigger cloth swim diapers, and they have plain colors at Joann's. If you do let me know. It would only cost a couple bucks in fabric and would save all those expensive swim diapers!