Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kidman Family Update

Update: Mason is a ton better, he is back to terrorizing everything he can. he is still refusing solid food, but he is drinking a lot and that is good. The down side is now I am coming down with it. Oh well.

So I started to blog yesterday about Scott, because Monday was his 32nd birthday BUT Mason had been getting sick since Sunday and yesterday he was really really bad. So I am putting off Scott's blog for a day or so to update you on Mason and then when he is well I can put the much needed and desereved attention on Scott.

Mason started with a fever on Sunday night and then proceeded to vomit every 20 minutes for 8 hours, and then it backed off to every hour all day Monday and into MOnday night. He was still vomiting on Tuesday, but only when he drank, and it didn't matter if it was a sip or a drink he threw it up. During this whole time his fever stayed at 102, and that was while on Ibuprophen and Tylenol every 3-4 hours. When the meds wore off it went higher. During this time also he refused to walk and had explosive diarreah. So on Tuesday I was starting to get worried because the 24 hour flu shouldn't last that long and I dont' really recall the fever with it. So at Scott's insitence I made a doctor appointment and gues what we had? Wait for it......wait for it......Ta Da......Influenza. Poor little Mason was sooo sick. So we got sent to the ER for IV fluids. We were there for 3 hours. He was so sad and didn't even care when they put the IV in. Seriously, they brought in 3 people to hold him down cause I am a baby, and he didn't even squirm. He laid there perfectly, and then they gave him Fox in Sox and he just hugged him and went to sleep while I read a book and watched teh fluids slowly, oh so slowly drip into his little arm. Then we got to go home.

I couldn't really tell if it was helping last night or not, but his eyes were no longer blodshot, so I took that as a positive. He slept through the night okay, but had a few blow-out diapers in his sleep, then I was all excited that he was feeling well enough to torment his siblings this morning, I was sure he was doing better UNTIL we ran the kids to school and he vomited AGAIN all over his car seat and the car. They left his IV in last night so that if we needed we could just hook him up and give him more, and I was thinking he was doing better, but his body is just rejecting any kind of food or drink in his stomach. So off we go to a follow up with the doctor and possible another round of IV treatment.

The influenza sucks


Tamy Wilson said...

Poor little guy, I hope he feels better today. It is amazing what a bag of cool fluids can do for a sick kid.

Jer said...

That is so sad. I'm sorry to hear it. We've been sick a lot down here, but not that sick. You should post an update on Mason.

Kristi said...

I thought to just leave the comment as Jer's but it makes him sound a bit none-straight. So yeah the above comment is from Kristi. I guess my computer logged me in as Jer.

vcsings said...

Dear Charity and Mason,
STOP BEING SICK NOW!!!(There, did that help?)I know there is not much I can do to help except to say, get well soon! Love Aunt Vickie

Jen'n'Jordan said...

How sad! I'm so sorry! I'm glad he's starting to get better; good luck for you guys! I hope that if you do get it, it's not as bad!