Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Current Favorite Things

Okay, so I don't promote a lot of items on here, just every once in a while. So this favorite thing needs a little background info. Since I lost my job I now attend the gym with Scott 5-6 days a week. Because of this Scott just scored the 2nd best time in doing the CPAT test at West Valley City on Friday morning. I will post more about this on Sunday, I digress.....anyway, since I have nothing better to do I to attend teh gym with my hubby. We are now members of the Sports Academy and we love it. Mason gets to play with kids while we exercise. I must admit I have become a gym junkie and I like it, that is as long as I have something to distract me, which is music or the TV. Luckily for me the cardio room is full of 9 TV and you plug your ear phones in and pick which channel to watch. If I am properly distracted I usually do at least 60 minutes of cardio a day, this may be more if I am really into something or it may be less if Aunt Julie talkes me into a class. Last week it was Pilates adn I couldn't move for a few days, but I will go with her again this week.

So now I come to the dilema of my headphones. I can't wear ear buds, they actually hurt my ears. Wierd cause so many people swear by them but they are painful. So then I got these ones that clip on my ears, and they are fine but if I bounce around they don't stay put and then I miss half of what I am listening to and I am no longer distracted. SO yesterday I went and just got my first pair of SkullKandy. THEY ROCK.....I know it is old school to wear headphones BUT not only do they sound awesome but they stay on my head and that is key. They are also very fashion forward, they are marketed to the snowboarding crowd. So I feel very up to date in that end of things. SO while I may be sweating and gross, my ear phones are awesome.

So they can be very expensive but I got the Low Riders, which are the cheaper version for $39.99 BUT they were on sale at Al's for 40% off since snow season is over, so I paid a good price for them, the same price of a full price pair at Wal Mart. So I don't feel guilty. I choose the sea foam green version so that I could find them if they got lost, but they better not.


Josie said...

Palates is hard! lol- she has talked me into going a couple fo times too!

Mandy said...

I used to LOVE Angi's aerobics class there . . . too bad she moved to Michigan. I wish she'd moved to Portland!