Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cheering up an Uncle.....Let's send cards, make phone calls, and just remind him how much we love him!!!

UPDATE:Uncle DeLoy was in the hospital today to get an IV for dehydration and some pain control. While he was there it was discovere that his weight is down to 180 pounds. It appears as though all the food he is eating is just going right on through and out and he is not getting nutrution. Tonight he is "clensing" so that tomorrow he will see the GI again to check him out. They did another scan and will have the results tomorrow morning. Please pray for him. While I am sure he still has a lot of time left, he is very down and sad, as I am sure we all can imagine. I love Uncle DeLoy very much and I know he needs all of our support. Thanks for your prayers.

So you all know we have an uncle in common who is very, very sick. The last few months have been very hard on him physically, and so now is down emotionally also. Luckily he felt well enough to attend Dallas state basketball game, but that was teh last Hoorah for him it seems. Now he is unable to leave the house due to some "poop" problems. Now you may think this is to much informatino, but believe me I am being very vague, if you want all the "messy" details give him a call and he will tell you.

So here is my purpose, if you can, please, please send him a get well card, or a thinking of you card. They really cheer him up. Or a phone call works also. He called Amber on her birthday and they chatted for over half an hour. He is feeling left out because he can't attend functions and sometimes he doesn't even have the energy to chat on the phone. I have had the opportunity to assist him lately and do some errands for him and take him a few meals and spend time visiting with him and it has been great. I love him, I always have, even when he was doing his own thing. I am blessed that he calls me for help and I will always be there for him when his family can't help him. I know a lot of you don't live close enough to take dinner or run his errands, but a card or a phone call would be great.

If you don't have his address I can email it to you and his phone number also. Please keep all cards positive, and he really likes hearing about families and the everyday "boring" stuff since he no longer gets to participat in those activities. I am hoping I can get him to the temple again, but it seems to be getting harder physically for him to make it that long to do a session. Keep DeLoy and his family in your prayers.


Josie said...

Thanks for the reminder- I think we all get so busy that sometimes we forget!

(ok, on to swimsuit talk. I have yet to make a rash guard, but it really cant be that hard! Shorts are super easy and we could make a swim diaper that slips on and just a pair of shorts or whatever, we can figure it out! You can either go to Joann's or give me a call and we can go see what we can find! You know me, I am always up for anything! lol)

Kristi said...

Could you email me his address please we'll send him a card. Thanks