Sunday, September 26, 2010

This weekend

Wow what a week and weekend we had.  First off Scott was on an 8 day break and was off work from Sat the 18th until tomorrow, Sunday the 26.  That is a lot of time off.  We are still getting used to his schedule.  It has been a year now and I enjoy it, but seriously have a weeks paid vacation off every month is crazy.  We feel like we need to do lots of stuff to make up for the time he is at work, so the time can get hectic.

The Ball:

So a few months back we found out it was time for the annual Lords and Ladies ball for Our Own Quiet Way Charity.  So we got together with 3 other couples and bought some group discount tickets with Tamy and Rick and started to get ready.  I have wanted to go to this ball for the past 2 years and finally I just got the tickets and said we are going.  Scott had to work but once he saw how important it was to me he traded his shift :)  Thanks Honey!!!  So he was off for work this week and decided he wanted to make his own costume, so Tuesday night we headed to Joann and went through pattern books and found what he wanted, it was a complicated pattern and he picked a very complicated fabric to work with, but he was not dissuaded.  We borrowed my mother's sewing machine (thanks mom) and started to work.  Now everybody I am very clear on this, I did NO work on his costume.  I cannot sew, my lines are crooked and I always, always mess up the machines and I also am a horriable pattern cutter cause my lines are never perfect.  So I sat back and cleaned house and silentely watched him lay out his fabric and cut and then sew.  In 4 hours he had an entire coat made.  A gentleman's coat.  It was beautiful, and people who know how to sew can appreciate that Scott is tall and has long arms so he had to alter the entire pattern for his height and it turned out perfect.  Seriously he didn't unpick anything, the first time and teh entire thing was great.  I guess my contribution was running to JoAnn to get stuff we needed.  I posted pics below but you can see how neat he looked. 

Now for my dress, well I picked out a dress pattern, a difficult one so I am told, and found a seamstress to make it for me.  I loved it!!  It was civi-war era, reminscent of Scarlet O'Hara and I am seriously in love with it.

So we could safely say there would be no one else dressed like us at the Ball, and boy were we right.  Tamy and Rick had beautiful outfits, so did the other couples in our group, but we stood out, and that was mainly cause of Scott.  Not only was he one of the tallest there, except for the stilt walkers, BUT he was so bright and dressed up from head to toe you couldn't help but notice him.  We had a great time and the weather wasd beautiful, especially since we were outisde most the time.  We ate food, watched ballroom dancers, magicians, acrobats, belly dancers and stilt walkers, oh and there was also a couple who were ghosts who would go random places and just freeze, I have a pic of them also.  We took pics and walked around for 2 hours and then it was time for the awards and promanad.  So 2 members of the committee came up to Scott at different times and asked him about his costume, where he got it, how he chose that and so on, and he told them he made it and he was having a great time.  Next thing we know another guy comes up to us and tells us we were selected for the Most Spectacular couple at the ball.  Another couple in our group, Dave and Amy, were also selected for Most Outrageous so we had an AWESOME group to hang out with.  We then danced........I was in heaven.  I did not attend prom while in High School so this was my dance.  Scott does not like to dance, so we never have.  It was great.  It was dark, nice music and an awesome looking man.  We swayed and held each other, but no kissing, really.....look at the pics his nose is huge and he NEVER took his mask off until we left.  Oh well :(

I wish I could put into words how much fun we had.  We are already planning for next year and will deffinately be regulars at the ball.  Please enjoy some of our pics.

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Tamy said...

We had a great time also! Thanks for coming, I am still sad I didn't get an award but you guys did look Great! Can't wait till next year Amy's already has more people that want to come.