Saturday, September 11, 2010

No pics but a funny story...

So we have a 4-wheeler in our family.  It is our newest addition and we LOVE it.  For Mason's birthday in June he got a little 110 4-wheeler, well he is afraid of it, so the other kids ride it and it is the perfect size for them.  Everyone was having so much fun we wanted one for ourselves.  So there happened to be a firefighter who had a nasty divorce and needed to get rid of his machine so Scott traded some shifts w/o pay for the 4 wheeler.  We have had it for about a month now and are totally in love.

So....we live at the mouth of Millville Canyon and we go up that canyon all teh time cause it is close, so after chores today I took Colton and Mason up the canyon about half way, it was a beautiful warm day, and about 3/4 of the way up the canyon I felt this bumping against my back and couldn't figure out what it was then Colton told me that Mason had fallen asleep.  Sure enough, that boy of mine had fall asleep in the middle of a 4-wheeler ride on a very very bumpy road :) I was shocked.  So we woke him up cause I needed to go back down the hill and needed him to lean back cause it bugs me to have him bumping into my back, and that little stinker refused to wake up.  We went down, down, down Millville Canyon with him asleep and bumping into my back the ENTIRE way, then if we woke him up he would scream at us, silly boy.

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