Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jr. Midget Football

Ok, I normally would not do 2 posts so close together but we had a big and busy weekend so here is more.

Bowen is playing football again this year.  Well what a difference a year makes.  This year his team is almost unstoppable.  I say almost cause the Sky View team did stop them but that is another story.  They are a powehouse and Bowen is key to the defensive line.  He is playing nose guard (i think that is what it is called) and he loves it.  He is also the team punter.  That was kind of a freak position but he is really good and his punts are long and far, I guess all that time kicking over the house and me yelling when he hit the house actually paid off.  They needed to beat Bear River on Saturday to be in 2nd place in the region and secure their place in the playoffs.  Well we had a great lead going into halftime.....3rd quarter was harsh and Bear River took teh lead 20-19 and we were desperate.  Since this age bracket does not kick field goals yet the only answer was another touchdown with 5 minutes left in the game.  IT took almost all of those 5 minutes but we got it.  We sat on teh 1 yard line for 3 downs and got penalty after penalty before we finally got our much needed touchdown.  We then had 30 seconds left with the kickoff to Bear River, which they attempted to run for a TD and i'll be honest we were scared, they almost made it, but we stopped them and then Bowen's tough defense was able to hold them for the last 30 seconds for us to win the game 25-20.  Here are some pics.  I am trying to be positive but post-season play COULD last 4 weeks.  I don't know if our team really really stands a chance in the playoff's but our coaches seem to think so, but I think coaches always think like that.  IF we make it all the way it would be 4 weeks more of play and that brings in the possibility of playing in the freezing cold and snow.  Is it bad if I silentely wish our team would loose?

Here are some pics.  Enjoy.

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