Monday, September 13, 2010


Hi Everyone......

Well I woke up today knowing it would be a hard day.  Knowing DeLoy died today and I figured I could hold it together, but I expected today to be an emotionally charged day and it was.  I was on edge most all of the day and cried at the drop of a hat.  Actually I started crying last night in bed.  What a boob.  So got up this morning and called Jenny and she wanted to go to lunch so got it all arranged with the family "girls" for lunch.  It was nice, but Jenny and I cried when we first got there, she gave me such a sweet card, I just love her, and then we both cried as we left.  I felt bad cause the people at Olive Garden kept asking what we were celebrating and we didn't know what to say, we weren't really celebrating more than "remembering" and it was a nice time.  Grandma said we would make this our own Memorial Day and hopefully keep it up for years to come, I think that would be nice.  Then I made it home and was upset, but not really, funny thing is I was upset at things that would normally not bother me at all, but I think cause of the day I let it get to me and I cried most afternoon.  I cried to Grandma, I cried to my mom, I cried to my hubby, and my sisters via email, see big cry baby.  Then I went and got my ball gown and it is beautiful and she is just making a few alterations, but I took my new cell phone and snapped some photos to share only to find out later I can't text them, have to put them on the internet and I don't pay for that, so no way to get pics off my phone so what did I do?  I cried again.  Now I have a headache cause I cried so much.  I went up and visited DeLoy and cried more, OH then I got an personal email from Dallas and just sobbed over that.  See I cried all day, now dinner is done, my head is throbbing and my legs are sore from a long 4-wheeler ride yesterday, so hopefully I am out of tears and going to have a calm night.

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