Monday, September 6, 2010

No you are not imgaining things.

Well so I ready Kristie's post the other day and I feel the same way.  I need to blog, I need my records and this is the best way for me.  After DeLoy's death I just had a hard time doing it, then I lost my job and I didn't want to do it and had so much crappy stuff that I didn't really have anything good to write about so I didn't.  I am going to spare you my summer drama....crap....I mean life, and just pick off right now.  All the kids are in school Bowen 7th grade, Colton 4th grade, Rainee 3rd Grade and Mason in preschool.  I actually get some "alone" time now and it is lovely, turns out I somewhat like doing housework more when it is quiet and I am alone.  I am sure I will NEVER enjoy cleaning house, but it doesn't suck as much when I don't feel pressured and I can listen to whatever music and loud :)

So Grandma and Grandpa Elder are looking to buy a home in Arizona and grandma wants and Ipad to take with her to read blogs.  They play on my Ipad a lot and think they are ready for their own.  So when she told me that I also thought i needed to blog again so she has something to read and see pics of my kiddo's.

This Sunday was a nice day, but I had a bad day at church and I came home crying and sobbing like a baby with my feelings hurt and a headache and feeling crappy, so after everyone else got home and I had sterilized my bathroom Scott wanted to go for a drive up Providence Canyon.  It was nice and we made it up to the 2nd gravel pit.  Up there is a nice waterfall.  The kids and Scott climbed up but Rainee had on flip flops and could not keep up, I teased her that she kicked in her 4-wheel drive when she had to climb with all 4 while the boys could do it just on their feet, poor girl :)  So here are some pictures, I hope you can get the idea of how large this waterfall and how steep it is and the fact that Scott and the boys made it to the top, even little Mason with the help of Daddy.  Hope everyone has a great Fall :)


Tamy said...

I am glad you are back, sometimes I feel why blog when everyone is on facebook. But now I put stuff on blog that I don't facebook so hopefully people will read and comment.

Denise said...

I love to have read your blog, even though I talk to you all the time. Now, I need to start back blogging, too.

Kristi said...

they are beautiful pictures. I look forward to the day I can clean the house alone!