Saturday, October 23, 2010

Catching up.....Again

So sorry for the lag time.  I will try to be brief catching y'all up and it may seem all over the place, but if you know me, you know that is how I roll. 

Football is over.  Bowen's team got to play in post-season and played Kaysville and got beat, bad, they got really beat, oh well.  They weren't sad because last year they did not make the playoff's so they were so happy this year to improve so much.  I am glad it is over.  Basketball season is upon us but Bowen has made the monumental decision to NOT play, I repeat, NOT play basketball and would rather play tennis instead.  That is good with me, he is a good tennis player and Colton would like to play also.

Colton is turning 10 on Monday.  Poor boy, not because of the 10 thing, but because the weather is crappy and I am going into surgery that day.  Oh well, we will celebrate with family on Sunday or TUesday and Scott vows to take the kids and friends to the corn maze this week.  All Colton is waiting for now is snow so he can spend his winter shredding up Beaver Mtn.  Sounds like I will be spending multiple weekends in the Lodge at Beaver Mtn.

Rainee is doing well.  We are having some drama problems at school already, Her teachers will find her crying in the lunch room and saying all her friends won't sit with her, and said they dont' like her, so the teacher will talk to her friends and they all say they did not say that.  She is just making things up so people feel sorry for her.  I didn't think this kind of girl drama started until middle school, well maybe I was hoping it would wait until then.  She is having a hard time with friends cause she is really high maintence and honestly she does NOT stop talking.  We are working on taking turns when in a group.  Part of the problem is she really cannot hear when others are talking and will just break in so I am working on her watching people's faces to tell when others are talking.  HOnestly, she does not stop talking.  EVER.  She talks in her sleep, she talks in class all day to NOBODY, it is an intersting dilema we are still working on it.

Mason is doing well.  We call him Magoo cause he touches everything.  Great Grandpa started calling him Fingers Magoo, so we just shortened it to Magoo.  We love him and he is now not swearing anymore, crazy huh?  He picked up bad words when I had him in a large preschool and we have gone through every single swear word there is, ending with the F-word, and if we just tell him those are bad words and ignore him when he uses them he quits.  The end of the F-word was when he told Great Grandpa Elder to F off, and guess what?  Grandpa smacked him.  Good job to cause it worked and no more F word.  I can't wait for Mason to start Kindergarten next year.  He seems to be taking after myself and Bowen and has an excellent memory and can memorize songs off the radio after 1 or 2 times, same with primary songs, so he should excel at school.

Scott is doing great at his job.  He still loves it.  It has now officially been a year and he has been off probation for a few months and all is well.  He is shuffled all over Ogden to the different stations and he enjoys it cause he meets a lot of different people.  He is very often tired after work, but he gets a big week long paid break each month.  So each month it is like having 1 week paid vaction and unfortunately we treat it as such.  We need to stop doing that, but we seem to feel that we NEED to do something big-ish and family oriented each month.  I am hoping now the newness of this schedule will start to wear off and go back to life.  It always messes up our schedule when he does that.  He went elk hunting this year and got nothing.  He saw a bunch but had a spike only tag and only saw bulls.  This weekend is deer hunt and he is right now hunting in Blacksmith Fork Canyon for some meat for us for winter.

Charity.  I am hanging in.  I finally went to my OB again after some issues arised and decided that I needed ot have my cervix removed.  TMI I know but you are also saying, "didn't you have a hysterectomy?"  Yes I did and the doctor left my cervix.  Nobody really knows why but now, 2 1/2 years later I am having problems, so back under the knife I go, I will also be having 3-4 cysts removed and tested.  I am sure all is good and I am assured I should only experience a "slight bellyache" after surgery, we will see.  I was offered a job on Friday at a local accountats' office, and after my surgery I will go in and get details and see if I want it. Other than that it is life as normal.

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I'm glad you're getting us caught up. I guess I might need to do a little catching up too.