Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What we have done this week so far....

And I can tell you none of it has included any housework, it is going to take 2 days at least to catch up.

Here is a pic of me and the "big kids" at Lagoon on Monday.

It is amazing I had no guys try to pick me up. I swear how could you not check out a 30ish lady with 3 rockin kids looking like she has been drug behind a truck??? in my defense it was almost 100 degrees, adn while there was no lines at lagoon it was still very very hot.

Here is a pic of my and my "big kids" at the Salmon Center in Ogden. Now I realize that is not the proper name, but I am too tired to care.

So I have a lot to say. I am so exhausted, that I have a migraine and I cried at the pharmacy when they told me how much Colton's prescription was because his eardrum burst on Monday, again, for at least the 5th time. So when I am in my right mind I will expound on my weekend and wavering mental state.


Tamy Wilson said...

Cute picture of you and the kids at bowling....My head is pounding too.

Amber said...

i can't wait to see more!
don't cry baby cakes... it will be ok..:)