Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am not a GEEK

So I would first like to point out that I am not a computer geek, or a nerd, I do however like gadgets. So that would mean cell phones, PDA's fun things that are meant to make your life easier, but in reality just add more things to haul around.

Well the cell phone plan that I am on with Verizon has a plan called "New every 2" which means in essense you get a new phone every 2 years. But to be more accurate they start offering at 1 1/2. So when I got my offer for my new phone 6 months early i was ecstatic, time for a new gadget. So I promptly went down to teh store today to get my new LG Envy 3. Oh baby. I love this phone. So many new buttons to play with. A texting keypad and a 3 mega-pixel camera. It rocks. Here is a picture of my phone.

ISn't it cute???? I can't wait to spend hours playing, taking pictures and texting. I guess first I better find someone to text other than my sisters huh??? So if anyone wants to text me let me know.

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