Monday, July 6, 2009

Relay for Life

Hi Everyone.

This email just came to remind us of what to bring on Friday for the Relay. Please remember we are "camping" so you need to bring what items your family needs. We need dinner Friday night. I believe Josie has teh meat (josie, let me know if you need more) and we all need to bring extras. We need, buns, condiments, chips and drinks, maybe salad. Please please respond and let me know what you can bring so we have everything we need. I suggest you bringing drinks for your family and treats to share. Here is the email that was sent out. If there are any questions, let Josie know. I can't wait to see you all there.

Okay, here goes! There is a lot of information here but it’s important that every participant know this information to be able to participate fully and to enjoy Relay.
Remember we will be there to: Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back!

There are five things team captains need to do BEFORE RELAY:
Make sure your team knows all the details below. I don’t have emails for everyone so please make sure they are contacted!
If you haven’t picked up your team flag pole please contact me or pick it up at Bank night on Thursday. Remember to decorate them with your team name etc
Come to Bank Night on Thursday (July 9th – Wells Fargo in front of the Cache Valley Mall from 4-6 p.m.) – deposit any funds collected so far and pick up your T-SHIRTS for your team members. If you cannot come to bank night please contact me.
Activity Laps – if you haven’t turned them in to me or if you have questions please let me know so we can make sure all the team members know what will be happening and that they can bring any props needed.
On-site fundraisers – please let me know what on-site fundraisers you will be having. (Remember this is an optional fund-raising opportunity) We’ll post that information so we can advertise your event.
Luminarias! Please gather donations and bring the decorated bags to Relay. Give all names to Terra Huff on-site or by email

Here are the final details for Relay for Life this weekend (July 10-11):

Event Schedule
2:00 Setup is open
3:30 Check-In
5:00 Walk begins – please have one member on the Relay circuit with flag in hand!
6:00 Opening ceremony and Survivor and Caregiver walk (no walking by team members)
6:15 (apx) - Survivor Dinner
6:15 (apx) – First team walk – all team members walk one lap
9:30 (Dusk) Luminaria Ceremony (no walking)
5:30 Closing Ceremony (no walking until final ALL team lap)

Team captains – since many of us are new here are some suggestions on what to do before Relay

Campsites - Invite team members to help set up the campsite. Let them know where it is. They are also listed on the website ( )
Meals – plan out your meals – Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch and snacks!! There will be some on-site fundraising that involves food so look for an email with that detail as well as on the website.
Water and stuff to drink - Please bring camping supplies such as water coolers since there will be no easy access to water. Some camps are having drinks to sell as part of their fundraisers!
Activity Lap – Make sure your team knows what activity lap your team is sponsoring and what time. Make sure they know about all the other activity laps so they can participate. Be prepared with supplies. We’ve tried to keep these simple so enjoy and remember to have fun! (Activity Lap definition - teams pick a theme and everyone who walks at that time is invited to wear or do something to match the theme. Check out the Relay for Life website to see the other Activity Laps so you can bring items to wear/use during the different activity laps – if you’d like.)
Supplies – give assignments to your team on what things to bring suggested camp supplies are: tents, canopies, tarps, chairs, loungers, tables, propane cookers, gas grills or charcoal bbqs, (only if you want to cook on-site – or roast marshmallows!) mosquito repellent, food, drinks, water supply, SUNSCREEN, activity lap props. Please remember what is restricted at Relay and on-campus. No alcohol, smoking, candles or open flames (such as fire pits), pets, or drugs. Propane cookers and charcoal bbqs are allowed if they are on a table or at least 24 inches above the grass.
Decorate your camp site! Pick a theme – either your own or the Relay theme this year “Back to the Future!” We are decorating using ideas from any of the three “Back to the Future movies. Ask team members to help with decorating. Prizes will be awarded!
Camping without electricity - Make sure your team members know this is a CAMPING event. There will be no electricity so enjoy being unplugged for a day. Think of all the money and energy you are saving J If it’s critical for your fundraiser or special needs you can bring a generator, but we ask that it is only on when needed and never during special events.

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