Saturday, July 11, 2009

Relay for Life

Now I realize we all have a ton of pictures and a lot of stories. But I am going to do it anyway.

First off a big huge thanks to Josie and Cliff. It turned out great. For not knwoing what we were getting into you guys did a great job. It was a lot of work and I appreciate you for it. My kids were already asking about next year. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. You guys are a blast!!!!

So, now for my pics, so I am just going to do pics and then explain them. Maybe stories later.

We all know how much Bailey loves her Aunt Misty, but there is only one thing that can make her even happier......

Aunt Misty with a Ball, it was cute.

Here we are chilling right at the beginning

Jer and Cliff putting up Cliff and Josie's tent, that did not fly away.

Leaving on one of our many group walks. I always thought we were very impressive when we walked together because of our Kick Butt shirts Josie had made. We deffinately stood out.

Chillin as a family at opening ceremonies.

Our Cancer Survivors

Just Hanging Out.

The ladies at teh camp next to us were offering to paint faces for $1 adn they did a great job. Seriously anything that the kids wanted. It was great. We kept her in business all night long. Here are examples of her work on our great kids.

Can I just say I laughed so hard at Dallas I almost peed my pants.

Bailey and Mason were best of buds. They went EVERYWHERE together in that wagon. Thanks mom for letting us use it, it was a life saver.

And last but not least, I managed to snap a few photos of some of the more elusive members of our family, at least as far as the camera is concerned. We love you Uncle Bill and Scott for being good sports. Thanks for wearing your green shirts and supporting us.

I want you to all know I love you all. This activity reminded me how much I miss family reunions or get-togethers, like camping in the desert. It was nice that DeLoy was able to spend so much time with us. He was so popular that there were times he couldnt' keep up with us because he was visiting with friends. Grandma and Grandpa Elder also showed up both days, and that was great also. We had fun playing cards and visiting. We got to catch up and reaquaint ourselves with family members we dont' see often. It was escpecially great that Mandy and her family and Jer made it up.

Can't wait to do it again next year.

*sorry for the spelling I am tired and my spell check doesn't want to work.


Tamy Wilson said...

Great pictures, those faces were awesome. I took alot of scrubbing and baby wipes to get the paint off.

Amber said...

good pics, but i'm not in a one of em!
dont worry bout the spelling, i only give you crap about the TEH.. LOL

Denise said...
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vcsings said...

Don't worry Amber, I am in only one picture, but that is probably because I was always TAKING a picture!Loved it all!