Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Recap.

So this weekend I saw Transformers 2 times. Yes you heard me right. Someone at work said either I liked it a lot or I got roped into it. Well I took the kids on Friday to a maintenee and they liked it a lot, then Scott wanted to see it, so I went with him on Saturday. I won't lie, I did not mind seeing it 2 times, I like the transformers, especially Ironhide. But that is another post. Then on Saturday I really did too much helping Scott rearrange and unpack and organize the garage, and work on teh back yard. We also bought some flowers to plant out front, just some Clearance flowers from Wal Mart, I am too cheap to buy full price flowers. So after working I got another kidney attack, just to remind me that they are still there just lurking waiting for the opportune time to strike. So I spent a lot of Saturday night in bed drinking my allotment of water so my urine is "clear" and hopefully push them out. Sunday rolls around adn I get out of bed, just to get right back in. My back hurt soooo much and so my abdomin started hurting also, and I had a fever, so I am thinking they bladder/kidney infection they warned me about has hit. I am not sure where the infection is because it still does not hurt to pee, but I have a fever adn feel all around crappy. I did get a few hours while high on my pain meds where I went out front to help place our new "clearance" flowers, when we discovered a lot of wasp nests in the front of our house, and we also discovered they are attracted to the bald spot on the top of Scott's head. he got stung 3 times, good thing he isn't allergic. So back to bed I went and literally just laid there until Scott got a wrecker call to Bear Lake and he wanted me to accompany him. So we dropped the kids off at his mothers and high-tailed it to Bear Lake to get some idiot unstuck. I have pictures that I will post tomorrow, but here is the jist of it. Some guy was trying to bring in his boat on his private beach with a really old 1951 tractor and they hit a sink hole and sunk the tractor, which they quit working. So we had to drive all teh way to the waterfront and then drag chains and straps to make it 50+ feet out to the stupid tractor. The guys did not bother to tell us they were in teh water, they said they were stuck on the beach, so we were both fully clothed. We were kind of peeved, at least he could have told us to bring swim suits. Anyway the tractor was far enough out that Scott was wet from teh waist down. We finally got it out and then he wanted it towes to Laketown. When all was said adn done we gto back at 10:00 and had a good laugh, well I had a good laugh at Scott who had to ride home in wet pants. I then went to bed and he got called right back out to help a stranded family get from Ogden back to Logan. He rolled in aroud 1 AM and hit the sack just to get called out again at 6:30 this morning. SO needless to say he is bushed tonight.

HOope you all had a good weekend. Sorry for the spelling I am tired and my back hurts.

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