Tuesday, June 30, 2009

7 Peaks

So I am copying my sisters announcement just because my blog is public.

We have been offered an opportunity to have teh first try at having a private party at 7 Peaks Water Park. Oh My Gosh!!!! So the tickets are only $15 for everyone over 3 years old. On August 6th from 6 PM until whenever we leave. The parking, tube rental and life jackets will all be free. The only catch is we have to have 200 people attend. That is all. A park that normally holds thousands with only 200 people, can you believe it??????

So everyone mark that day, invite your neighbors and best friends. We are opening this to anyone and everyone, except for the public of course. Amber, Tamy and myself will have some tickets. We have to have the money in by August 1st, to contact us by phone or email and we can hook you up.

Hope to see you there, this will be fun. I am serious about friends adn family, make it a date night, bring your church group, let's be creative and offer others the chance they will never get, a park closed to teh public at an affordable price.

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Amber! said...

your so funny.. you have a problem typing "THE" dont you?
you go to fast.. and before you know it the E jumps right in the middle..
LOL love you!