Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekly Recap......

So I know you all are just going "I wonder what Charity did this week?" So I thought I would do my best to put your wondering minds at rest and give a brief (I hope) update.

I worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...... Wednesday I worked a "short" day, 9 1/2 hours, and took the kids to the USU Women's Basketball game to watch Rainee dance with LaShars dance team during half time. I must admit I did this very begrugling because I was tired and the thought of taking 4 kids to the stadium didn't sound very good, but we went. Amazingly it went very well. Rainee danced very good, had big smiles and big arms so we could see her well, and Mason was extremely frigtened of Big Blue (the USU Mascot) that he sat very still in his seat the entire time so he wouldn't "get" him. It was kind of sad because there wasn't a huge attendance at the game Big Blue didn't have many kids to play with so he kept coming over to mess with the boys, but Mason would cry and say "No bear, no" which was also funny because Big Blue is a Bull, but it didn't matter to Mason. While the night went well it was long and we didn't get home until 8:30 which was basically bedtime.

Worked Thursday.....Friday....well thursday night I started to feel ill at 10:00 PM and then spent the entire night throwing up. To spare you the details it sucked. I hate throwing up and did it once an hour from 12 - 6 AM. Well needless to say I couldn't go into work, and this was a big deal because of our season. But I last was sick at 6 AM and I literally laid in bed for 12 hours and finally felt like getting up around 6 PM. And that is a big deal because I don't have a TV in my room. So I just laid there like a bump for 12 hours thinking about how much work I needed to do and seeing how many hymns I could remember and sing. It's amazing how many I actually know. So at about 9:00 PM I was wide awake and feeling normal, so it was then time to go to bed.

Saturday. Woke up and made it to work by 8:30. Work, work, work....both Bowen and colton had basketball games today. Bowen won his game again and he did great, and so did Colton. We are happy Bowen is on a winning team. For the last year he has been on teams that had "fun" but really didn't lean anything. He seems to have found a coach this time who teaches the boys while having fun and it shows. They are right now the "team to beat"

Right after that we went out to Bill and Julie's ranch. Let me just say we really enjoy spending time with them. We also appreciate it very much when we get invited to do activities with them. They are very nice and welcoming and we enjoy it a lot. Today we were invited to come over and go ice skating. Well the duck pond was frozen over. It was the perfect. The sun was shining and it was beautiful. the pond is kind of shaped like a peanut and not to big or not to small. So there was a nice group of people there. Some of Misty's friends, us and the Craws (vickie, lydia, mallorie)and of course Julie and Bill. Let me tell you Uncle Bill is great on his skates and he is the speed deamon to watch out for. Anyways Aunt Vickie put some skates on and I recall hearing her say "it's like riding a bike right, it will come back to you?" and I thought I couldn't wait to see this. So I snapped a picture of Aunt Vickie and Aunt Julie upright on skates just to prove Aunt Vickie really did skate, and I don't think she fell. Scott couldn't find a pair of skates big enough for him "darn his size 13 foot" but he shoveled the frost off almost the entire pond so the kids could skate faster, which they loved. Then I offered a trade of 2 containers of raspberry freezer jam for some fresh fish Bill had just caught, and boy it is nice. We love fish and that is our sunday dinner now. Fresh lake trout from Bear Lake and roasted potatoes. Yum Yum!!!! Well then I had to leave early to go back to work and put in a few more hours (4) and right when I left Josie and Cliff showed up to add to the party.

Thanks so much Bill and Julie for allowing us to enjoy your ranch!!!

Here are some pics of the fun today.


Tamy Wilson said...

Oh how fun. I hope you feel better can't wait to see Rainee this weekend, too bad you can't come:(

Josie, Cliff and Bailey said...

Too bad you couldt stay longer and actually skate- but your kids sure had a blast! It is so funny, Rainee didnt want to leave Cliff's side the entire time lol!

Kristi said...

Sounds like it was a fun party. Made me wish I was there, but than again I'm like eight, almost nine months along.
Sorry you have to work so much, I would die!