Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This is my blog, so it is time to put it what it is meant for, and that is for me to unload and feel better. What I am about to say is political and I am upset about it. If you get upset please know that I warned you.

A year ago in February my cousin in Spokane was murdered (we still lived in the area) since that time it has been a roller coaster ride for the family with the prosecution and the ongoing legal process. In fall of last year the prosecutor started to decide what to charge Justin Crenshaw with and whether to seek the death penalty or not. Now being the Mormon and Republican that I am I am for the death penalty in cases such as this. It goes with the eye for an eye thing, and that taking another life is an unforgivable sin, and forgiveness can only BEGIN once your life has been taken. So this man, who had a prior record of stabbing someone, who did not die, and was in prison for 18 months, has now murdered 2 innocent people who barely knew him and they have decided to NOT seek the death penalty. Why do you ask? I don't know. The prosecutor has not released his reasoning yet. I know that my family wanted them to seek the death penalty and they did petition the prosecutor for it, but I believe the family of the girl did not. It just blows my mind they wouldn't. How could you not?

He went to that house upset and cut up 2 people with a sword, and then pinned Tanner to the floor with the sword (2 counts of murder) then set teh house on fire (arson) and many many other lesser charges, and they aren't going for the death penalty!!!!! I think Tanner deserves the prosecutor going for the highest punishment possible, but he is not.

Now this brings me to my next point. Yes you can ask for the death penalty, and it's a scary word, but in Washington State no one has been killed via the death penalty since 1994 and they only offer hanging and firing squad, but mostly hanging. So even if they did convict him and give him the sentence of death, chances are he wouldn't ever see that part of his sentencing come to pass. At least if he is condemed to death he doesn't mingle with the general prision people and will serve the rest of his life in somewhat of a solitary state. If he is sentenced to say life without parole, he lives a fairly normal prison life with friends and such (if you can call them that) knowing that is the hardest his life will get, a bed, food and a roof over his head with other human contact.

You can probably tell this has really bothered me, and I am rambling, but I am tired and overworked. I hit 40 hours today and it is only Wednesday.

Well that is what I think, and I am still upset about it (as is my family in Washington) but there is nothing we can do, just let the justice system run its' course and just pray for a trial one of these days (it keeps getting postponed).


Denise said...

I am sorry that is going on. Yes, Tanner deserved better, but I bet he doesn't care about it right now. I know this is all for the family and the safty of the community, but at least he is off the street and not out with regular people. Sorry, I am rambling too. I hope it goes better for the family in Washington.

vickiecraw said...

All we can hope for is that it all gets worked out in the end. He will get what he deserves and we have to leave it up to God to figure it out. You are sweet for caring so much. Don't work too hard.Love you. Aunt Vickie

Kristi said...

I'm with Aunt Vickie, God will bring justice. Although I'm sure I would be upset if I were in your place. Just have faith.

Jen'n'Jordan said...

Um, I'm not so nice as everyone else. I say we just kill them as soon as the sentencing hits. We need to quit paying for them to hang out in prison, enjoying their time with no responsibilities. I'm sick and tired of the scum of the earth being let out of prison or having to pay for them to hang out in prison, while good people are going hungry, or are in need in any way. It's ridiculous. Thanks for the post; and for letting me join your rant! ;)