Sunday, January 11, 2009

Guess What Season It Is.......

And no I don't mean tax season........

That's right folks, basketball season is here. Bowen & Colton are playing Jr. Jazz and they love it. They had their first games yesterday and Bowen won his game 24-6 and he scored 12 points. WAY TO GO BOWEN!!!! and then Colton had his first game and they won 20-16 with Colton making a bunch of points also. He also has the opportunity to show off his NBA moves with some fancy dribbling that shocked and amazed his opponenets. He also has a few steals, he loves stealing the ball. So overall it was a great game.

So since blogger is being dumb and won't do my pictures correctly, here they are in no particular order. Have a nice weekend.

On an interesting point, looking at Colton's picture, it amazes me how much energy these smaller kids put into trying to make the basket. colton puts so much into it, he came home and slept the afternoon away.

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