Sunday, January 4, 2009


So here ends my first week at working 12 hour days. When they told me what January entailed when i started my job I said ok. I knew it would be a lot of work and long hard hours, but there was really no way to put into words how much work or hours until I actually did it. And now I find it hard to explain how much work it is. I will say that please don't take for granted when you get your W-2 in the mail or your 1099, and don't complain when it does not come until the very end of the month. The amount of work to produce those documents is unsurmountable. SERIOUSLY. I would liken it to what Michael is going through in his residency, BUT I have an end to mine. January 31 is my end, but until that time I will give it all I have and then some and I will make it through. Instead of going 1 day at a time, it is more like 1 hour at a time. If I try to look at the big picture in this case then I will go crazy. You are all probably thinking that I am over-exagerrating, but please believe me that it is much worse than what I can put into words, and I would see why the firm would take their employees on a cruise after tax season, or offer any number or "gifts" because these are very dedicated people who do this type of work.

So enough of that. I noticed something different the other day when I was looking at the Logan Temple. I did some research to make sure I was not loosing my mind and found out I was right. What was that you say? Well the temple spires used to be lit up at night with a beautiful green glow.

Well I noticed that it is now lit by a very bright and beautiful white lighting. Now I noticed this and my husband didn't, and neither did my other family, but I tend to pay attention to small things like this. So here is a beautiful picture of the Logan Temple now lit with beautiful white lighting.

Interesting huh?

Well wish me luck this next week, and I will let you know if I am still alive. Just for kicks, Rainee's bday is this next week and because of my schedule Scott is in charge of her birthday party with her friends. We have also postponed out anniversay on 1/24 to February, and Scott graduates from school on 2/2/09, I can be very thankful that it isn't in January or I do not know if I could make it.



Tamy Wilson said...

I must say I might not have notice the temple lights. It is beautiful in either color. I am sure you will make it through January. Let me know what Rainee bday plans are.

vickiecraw said...

My family did notice the difference in the Temple. i must say that the white looks better, but the kids say it isn't as bright. I will have to look again tonight. Thanks and good luck at work.

Mandy said...

Whoah! Good luck, that sounds intense!

PS. I never said any of those questions were asked by you . . . that post was written tongue-in-cheek, a genre I happen to specialize in, I'm sure you know!

Jen'n'Jordan said...

Jordan and I noticed the temple spires last time we were in town. I do like the white a lot! Good luck with work. I have heard that it gets pretty intense there during this time of year. I was pretty grateful when Jordan didn't get a job there!