Friday, December 26, 2008

It snowed

So I know Christmas was yesterday, but I am soooooooo over Christmas, I have the Christmas Blah's. It couldn't be that starting next week I start a mandatory 6 days a week 12 hour days? So I will blog our Christmas latter this weekend. So what is the next best thing to Christmas?

SNOW, and lots of it. We got pounded on Thursday night. It was great. So this morning much to our surprise we had a palathera of city vehicles show up to plow us out. Of all the machines the front-end loader was the best and he chose our front lawn to be the dumping ground for ALL the snow in the cul-d-sac. So after an hour of plowing and dumping we ended up with a sledding hill that was well over 8 feet high. My husband LOVES this kind of stuff. He created stairs in the mountain and some sledding trails fully equipped with jumps and off they went. Here are a few pics. Blogger is being dumb and won't let me move around my pics. So I love the boys on the top of the mountain it looks like they are actually on top of Mt. Logan. The action shot ROCKS, they really got some air and we finally got a camera that can catch those action shots. That was our Christmas gift to us, a new camera so we can get shots of the kids sports.

Have a nice Christmas.


Tamy Wilson said...

Nice mountain. It hasnt stopped snowing here. It keeps coming and coming.

Josie, Cliff and Bailey said...

How fun! Sad and not sad we missed it at the same time, because it will still be going when we get back lol!

Jen'n'Jordan said...

I am with you - I am so over Christmas! I am not sad that it's over; my Christmas decor was taken down on Saturday - 2 days later! Looks like great sledding!