Friday, November 28, 2008

What I am thankful for.

So I waited a day or so to do this post because I was tired and I wanted to have time to sit and write what I wanted.

I am thankful for tests and trials in life. I can honestly say that since Valentines Day this year we entered into the toughest trial we have endured in our life. Loss of job, death, moving, sick kids, financial woe's (that is expected with no jobs) and on and on. Out of this came the opportunity to move back to Utah closer to both of our families. Now I realize that they have been praying for our return since se moved, BUT we were happy where we were at. So now we moved home, with no jobs and very little money. After some time looking for jobs Scott started school and I started working full time. Now things are going well.

I am very thankful for my children. They have an understanding of what we are going through financially and because of this knowledge they have been very, very nice to each other and very rarely ask for items. We no longer eat out, and they have only recieved a few items when they go to the dollar store, which they are satisfied with. We were going over Christmas lists and Colton said "mom, I don't want anything for Christmas, please take the money you would spend on my presents and pay some bills" I am not even kidding. This my 2nd son because he is very preceptive about things and it bothers him that we don't seem to have as much money as before and it also bothers him that we are "renting" again, he wants to be somewhere that we won't have to move again.

I am Thankful for my husband. Through all this stuff we've been through he still loves me. He works so hard for us. Even though he is not doing full time 9-5 he is extremely busy between keeping up on kid stuff, studying to stay at the top of his class and helping grandpa. He has been soooo understanding with my new job and very supportive. I love him a lot. There aren't words to express my thankfulness for him.

Because this is getting long, I am now going to group the last group to how much I love our extended family. This group includes my Mom and Reese, Scott's parents, Larry and Kathy, and of course Grandma and Grandpa Elder. Without the support of them we would not be doing as well are we are. They have helped us in more ways than I can count. Especially Kathy and Larry and Mom and Reese who help us a lot with running the kids around after school.

So that is my short list. I am thankful for all that we have now and for all that we are going through. It will end and we are stronger for it.

If you read this entire thing, well I am surprised, but Thank You for being in my life and my friend.


Amber! said...

We are thankful that you guys are back. That was a nice blog! Thanks for sharing!!

Tamy Wilson said...

I am thankful for you too sis...And I am thankful that Rick has a good job, wonderful kids, and a very large extended family.

Mandy said...

Cool post . . . thanks for the recipe!

Jen'n'Jordan said...

Thanks for sharing; I never thought I'd be thankful for trials, but how can you recognise the good times without going through some bad times? Thanks again for Thanksgiving!

Kristi said...

I was touched by what Colton said. What a sweetheart. It's kind of like "I've done something right in raising you" moments. Those are the pay offs.