Thursday, November 27, 2008

On To Christmas

So now that Thanksgiving is over, in my mind it is officially Christmas.

Thanksgiving was very nice, adn now I am lounging on my couch watching Hancock and eating pie.

I started cooking on Wednesday night with Pies and salads. I made 2 pumpkin, Lemon Meringue, Apple and Pecan. All handmade!!!! Not to brag, but I was sooo excited they turned out. It appeard the lemon was the best, there was none left. I tried a new pumpkin recipe this year and I think i like it best. It used sweetened condensed milk instead of evaporated and I think it is tons better.

Then Thanksgiving morning came and i was cooking by 7 AM making the homemade rolls and side dishes like stuffing 2 ways, a traditional one with pine nuts and turkey drippings, and then a "kid friendly" version which is basically dried bread, onions and celery and a few cans of creamed corn (as the moisture) the kids loved it.

We had Prime Rib and regular turkey and smoked turkey for the meats, followed by a lot of side dishes. I even forgot my all time favorite of sweet & sour cabbage. Oh well.

It was so nice of everyone to come. DeLoy and Jenn, Cody & Dallas, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa, Jordan and Jenn and their kids. After eating we cleared off, kind of, and then sat around holding puppies and visiting It was very nice and we had an enjoyable time. The kids played games and basketball.

Of course we had leftovers and can't wait to make "leftover casserole" tomorrow. and No I am not going shopping. I have pretty much everything I need, so we are enjoying famiily time tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!


Tamy Wilson said...

sounds like it turned out good. Happy Thanksgiving

Mandy said...

I'll have to get your kid-friendly stuffing recipe, that sounds like something my kids would like!