Sunday, November 16, 2008

Men vs Women.........The Laundry Olympics

So it has been a long weekend and I am glad it is over. Scott has not been feeling the best and I have noticed it since Friday, but he swore over and over there was nothing wrong with him, I was being over-sensitive. Well today at about 5:00 he said "I think I need to go to the insta-care clinic" I was shocked because he said there was nothing wrong. Well luckily it wasn't to busy and we got in and out quickly to find out he had a bladder infection that spread to his kidneys. MEN......they wait so long feeling bad until it is excruciating and then somthing inside his head says "I think something is wrong" Duh.....what clued you into that, the buring sensation when you urinate?????? So anyway now he had a reason for being so mean the last few days and I was right, I repeat myself, I WAS RIGHT. I was not over-sensitive, you were miserable and rude. Okay that is off my chest and Yes, Scott does know I am ranting on my blog. One of the reasons he went to the doctor was because we have fought so bad the last 3 days and that is not normal for us at all, especialy fighting over the stupid small things.

now that brings us to today. Scott decided he couldn't go to church because he felt so "crappy" but he still did not tell me what was bothering him, just abdominal pain and the worst headache he ever had. So I took the kids to church, the we had dinner, and then we went to my mothers house to see the puppies and how they have grown. Wow they are big and cute!! While we are there Scott says maybe I need to go to the Insta-Care Clinic. So my mom says to leave the kids with her and run down there. After the obligatory test they determine he has a bladder infection that has spread to his kidneys. They need to start anti-biotics right now and need to do both pills and a shot. Well Scott has a big issue with needles so no shots, no matter what. Well the doctor just said we will try the pills and hopefully that will work, they also gave him Lortab for the pain in his abdomen and his headaches that are being caused by the infection, which is also in his tooth. So he comes home and takes his first Lortab and lo and behold he starts to feel better. So much better in fact he decided that we need to put away the clean laundry and sort the dirty laundry. So the entire family went down to help. Now comes the question how do you sort laundry?

Here are my piles:


That is all my piles. We don't always have all those piles, but those are my basics.

Scott starts to sort laundry and right off we run into a problem. He starts making the following piles:

Pants - Denim
Pants - Non-denim
Light colors
Dark colors

I think that is way to many piles. So we had a friendly family discussion about sorting laundry. We never had this discussion before because Scott worked and I always did teh laundry. Now that he is home he took it on himself.

I asked him to blog about this, but he said I am more elloquent and would explain it better.

So seriously, we want to know the laundry sorting of others.


Mandy said...

I separate the light and dark colors too.

Tamy Wilson said...

Each kids has their own basket and they all get washed together. No seperating kids clothes except stains. Rick and I have a white basket for whites, and a blue basket for darks. That is it oh and I have a basket in the laundry room for towels. Other than that my moto is K.I.S.S (keep it simple silly or stupid)

Denise said...

Oh course, since I was the one who raised you, your piles are right. Now, I do by color and weight. So no white towels with white underware. But that is my thing, since my dryer is slowly dying, and it takes 2 hours to dry a load of towels. I am rambling, aren't I. sorry.

Jen'n'Jordan said...

I just do one pile of colors, but lately I do have to do one load that is just reds - even though I've washed my towels a hundred times, they still bleed. So, I do white clothes, white towels, colors, reds, towels, and sometimes sheets or blankets. It all depends on how I'm feeling. Sometimes I do a load of just jeans, but Jordan rarely wears them, so I usually just wash the kids and my jeans with the colors. Whew. Long explanation! I like the K.I.S.S idea!

Kristi said...

Usually I have towels, whites, colors, and darks. But it can get complicated if their is too much laundry in one bin, I subdivide them. It goes like this, bleachable whites, whites; denims, darks; colored, reds; towels, sheets. So each category can become two loads. I though I should be specific.