Saturday, December 11, 2010

Not lacking in content just motivation....

So there has been a lot going on in my immediate and extended family since the Holiday season began it just boggles my mind. 

First off Thanksgiving was great.  Thanks for all of those that attended whether it was for dinner or dessert. I love putting together get-togethers and cooking for a lot of people. The turkey was great and so was all teh side dishes, we could have served 50 haha.  It was great seeing everyone, I only wish I could have stayed longer to visit more and help more cleaning up but we had other family I had put off to do this dinner.  We really enjoyed our break until Saturday after Christmas when Uncle Scott was rushed to the hospital having suffered a heart attack.  This just made me sad. I was sad for his family and my extended family. We have had a rough couple of winter seasons and it would be nice to have one, just one where something major didn't happen to/in our family.  Oddly enough I was right behind that ambulance that saved my Uncle Scott that night talking on the phone to my husband Scottie and I asked him if he was ok because there was an ambulance going our directions.  Kind of ironic.  That next Monday I started working at Ellis Equipment in place of my Aunt Vickie.  I must say I have enjoyed the distraction but my Aunt is much better at it than I am because I can't sit at a desk and answer phones with nothing else to do. I guess I am spoiled but I need constant work for 8 hours or I loose my mind.  It has been great getting to know the Ellis guys (cause I am the only woman there) and they have been very understanding and gracious to my and Aunt Vickie while she goes through this hard time.  Imagine my surprise when my grandmother calls me the next Friday evening asking if I was out shopping at 9:00 at night (which I was at Al's midnight sale) and Emily had taken Lydia to the ER and could we possible swing by and get Mallory and bring her to grandma's house?  Lucky us we were out and about so we left Al's and did that for them.  What a family!!  They made it through. Lydia had her appendix take out 2 days later and Uncle Scott made it through his surgery and they are all on the fast track back to full health.  I realize this was my extended family but it is hard to hear of people you know going through such things in this season and I spend so much time with Grandma and Grandpa that when they worry and stress over the family I do also cause I hate to see how much it worries her and makes her get ill cause of it. 

Well the next Friday the 3rd of December my mother went into the doctor with a suspicious lump in her breast and guess what?  You guessed it......cancer.  She has invasive ductal carcinoma, level 3.  So she has a 1 inch square (almost) lump in her milk duct that is the most aggressive on the scale of how fast cancer moves, 1 being slow and 3 being fast.  Yup, what a blow.  So this monday she is going into surgery to have a masectomy of her right breast and any lymphnodes and after 4 weeks of recovers back to Chemo. we go.  UGH.  The oncologist who was the same one who took care of her previously said if the multiple meyloma (her lukemia) did not kill her than breast cancer certainly wouldn't either.  It is hard to realize that a few years ago, maybe 5 or 6 we were told that my mother had terminal lukemia and our best hope was to push it back and give her more time.  Well now it is dormant and we get to deal with this.  I know she will be fine, it's just the road to take to "fine" sucks.

Also (wow this is long) back in November my best friend from Colville was talking to me and her and her new husband were having a hard time getting good work in Washington and were getting to the point where they were going to be forced to move cause of lack of work. Well I had mentioned how there is plenty of work here in Utah for those who are willing to work and I was sure her husband would have no problem finding work and they could stay with us while they made the transition if they needed.  So Josh left his job at Walmart in Colville, packed up a Uhaul and was at our home the 1st of December.  Catina had to stay back to get loose ends tied up and get everything together and she adn the kids will be here right after Christmas.  In fact me and Bowen are flying up to Spokane on 12/26 to help her pack up and make the long drive back to Cache Valley.  They are so excited because Josh got a job the first day he was here and is now working for Autoliv full time and has a few interviews for some other great jobs in the coming weeks.  They are in such awe at how Josh has been accepted in Utah and the people have been great and the jobs he found are wonderful.  This is a great missionary opportunity for our family cause they want to attend church with us and learn more about our religion.

Whew.....we have been busy.  I hope you all have a great Christmas.  I know I will since it looks like everyone is going to be healthy and we all have a lot to be thankful for.  Here is a vide from Youtube of a flash mob singing the Halleujah chorus and it is beautiful, I still tear up when I watch it.  Enjoy

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