Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick Update.


Adam rocks, need I say more?


Kitchen demolished Monday, no sick or counter tops while fixing plumbing problem. Our landlord has graciously (jk) let us out of our lease and now we have until the end of May to move. More details as they emerge.


Busy, busy, busy. We are now in full swing and the hiring is massive and I am busier than ever. Needless to say since we are not in teh store until May 11 I still have no office and no official place to take care of my sensitive HR files, but I am making due.


We are all doing well. Scott suffered a 2nd degree sprain of his ankle playing bball with the firefighters, but he miracously recovered overnight. Seriously, he was in the ER and could not walk, next morning all was well. Kids are all well. I am doing fine.

Sorry for the short post. I am still voting for Adam on American Idol though.


vcsings said...

Adam was really good last night, but so was the guy with the glasses before him(Don't know the name). I also thought the girl did great. How are they going to choose? I believe it should be between the last two guys though. Also, hope you get the house! (or another one just as good)! Good luck!

Tamy Wilson said...

Adam is good, I just think he is weird looking, but he is getting better. Good luck with the house I hope it works out for you. See you Sunday.

Amber! said...

short, sweet, straight to the point.. LOL
did you find somewhere to move?