Friday, May 15, 2009

Dallas Jr.

Because I don't have enough phone numbers of all of you or enough minutes on my phone to call, I am posting.

Yesterday and today Dallas has been in and out of the emergency room with what was thought to be appendicitis. Well it turned out this evening to be that he has sustained some kind of damage to one of his kidneys in a basketball game and blood flow to that kidney has been interrupted and he is in danger of loosing one of his kidneys. So to remedy this he is scheduled for surgery tomorrow (saturday) afternoon at Logan Regional Hospital to repair teh damage and hopefully save his damaged kidney. It will take them that long to complete any tests they need and get the proper surgeons ready.

You all know the shape Uncle DeLoy is in, so this is just another added stress to him, not to mention La Shar's dance review is scheduled for that same Saturday. It is hard for DeLoy but what we are being asked for now is to participate in a family fast and prayer for Dallas. He is a wonderful boy who is very scared. I got to spend time with him today in the ER and I was very impressed what a great man he has become. He loves his dad and his family very much and he needs the prayers to help keep himself and his dad strong through this.

If you have questions call your parents or Grandma Elder and they can fill you in. We won't know more until Saturday evening after the surgery.

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vcsings said...

Thank goodness everything turned out to be better than expected. How did your move go?