Sunday, October 19, 2008

Starting over again.

So here I am again. I am now getting around to starting a blog once more.

So many of you are probably wondering what was going on. First off you need to realize that I work for a company in that everything we do is completely confidential. I know this and I don't have a problem with it. Apparentaly in the past, about 5 months back I made mention of getting some new clients. This was a mistake on my part and I know that. Now the clients did not see this nor did I say anything more than they were just my clients. In fact if we were out on the town and I saw them they would not hesitate saying Hi to me, so fortunately they are not the kind that care about whether others know who does their bookeeping or not. Anyway I digress. It appears that someone at my office found my blog and not only was following it, but reading my past posts, and in the past posts found stuff he/she was concerned about and turned me in to the partners. So I offered to just make it private, but that would not fix everything. I needed to remove every reference that I made to work. Since that did not sound to much fun to me because of how many blog posts I have made since I started work, I just backed up my blog to my computer and deleted it.

So now we have my new blog. I debate whether to make it private or not for the mean time it is public but not searchable on the internet or listed in blog listings. If I have another problem with people from work "monitoring" my blog then I will have to make it private, but I really don't want to.

So I made mention earlier before I deleted my other blog that my hair had accidentally gone pink. Well let me expound on this for a moment. Many of you who have seen me or my blog pics know that my hair is dark brown on top and the bottom layer is blonde. When I was hired my hair was that way. I don't think that is so normal, but they hired me anyway. So after some time it was time to change the hair. The brown needed new color and the blonde had almost grown out. So instead of bleaching again I thought "why not go red?" There is nothing wrong with red. So my hair stylist did some highlights in the main part of a caramel color and the red dye, then she took THE SAME COLOR and put it on my bottom layer. i thought it would be really nice. When she rinsed it out we both just about freaked out. My blonde had only taken the pink shades of the red color, but the top layer took the red just fine and looked nice. So it wasn't like a light pink, it was Cindy Lauper pink. The next problem came that it was late on Friday night and I was late getting home so I said just leave it and maybe it will wash out, but I did make an apopintment to have it fixed later the next week.

Now comes Monday and time for work. I did my hair, ironed it and everything and went to work. Now I knew what my hair looked like, but I did not worry because I knew I was going to get it fixed. Later on that day, about 3:00, I got called into a partners office and there were 2 partners waiting for me. First off they wanted to talk about my hair. I told them it was a mistake and that I had an appointment to get it fixed later this week. Of course that wasn't soon enough. Then I got the talk about being in a professional work environment and on and on and on. Let me just say that my clothes are very nice and clean and fit well. I don't wear questionable clothing and I feel well dressed. They also mentioned that if I was going to make a change to my hair in the future that maybe I should consult them on it. YEAH RIGHT. I change my hair a lot, I never leave it one style for long. While I will not make the pink mistake again, I am not going to ask before doing my hair.

So that was last week. I was very very frustated. Not sad, not hurt, just frustrated. I did not get in "trouble" and my quality of work is not an issue, just my hair and my blog.

So the combination of all that is what led me to this new blog. While nothing much will probably change but it is really better this way.

So try to leave me note and let me know if you care or if you are still out there in Internet Land listening to me. I will be adding photos and such as time goes on.


Tamy Wilson said...

okay I got you on my blog now, cute background, sorry I didnt get to see your pink hair.

Jer said...

We're definitely listening. Kristi wants you to know that she wanted to do that pink on the bottom on purpose. So, she thinks that it was probably HOT!

I'm really sorry to hear about the partners. When I shaved my head the second or third time, the bank president came to me and asked me if I thought my hairstyle was "extreme" {from the employee handbook) and I said NO. I am going bald. Then, he said "I would do the exact same thing, man." And, that was that. But, maybe if it was dyed pink, that conversation would have gone over a bit differently.

I hope things get better. Don't lose faith.

Josie, Cliff and Bailey said...

Oh geeze... I wondered what had happened to your old blog- I know what you mean about people following your blog when you dont want them to- sometimes even making it private doesnt help when it is a family member you want to stay away! lol haha (it does not work to your advantage when you block said family member, its just better to pretend they dont read it!)

Jordan Craw said...

Good luck with all that. I agree though - I wouldn't be asking permission to change my hair-style!

Denise said...

I am glad you are back. Even though I talk with you all the time, I love to read your thoughts. Soon as I figure out how to put you on my blog, you will be there again.

Josie, Cliff and Bailey said...

hey there! Thanks SOOOO much for the Pj's they are absolutly darling! I expecially love the ballet one! SO cute! I am so glad I have such nice and caring people in my family! Good luck with the new blog!

Amber said...

wow... you never have a dull week!