Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

So it has been a busy and long week. You all probably know from my mothers and Josie's Blog that we had Colton's birthday party at the ice rink and it was a success. We had a lot of fun, and I am proud to say that both Scott and I actually skated and did not fall, so that we would consider a success. We have now found a new family activity I think. All we have heard since friday is "If we clean our rooms can we go ice skating?" So I think it is time to make a reward out of ice skating.

So now Saturday comes and Scott takes off to school and leaves me alone with the kids and we had to be at a parade and 2 basketball games at the same time. So I ran and dropped Rainee off with Aunt Jen at the LaShars float and then I ran the boys to the rec center where they met up with Grandma Kathy (Scott's mom) who went between Bowen's and Colton's basketball games that were both at the same time. Unfortunately Bowen's team had not practiced together and did not play well and lost 48 to 12 BUT Bowen did score some points. It appears that he is the only boy on the team who has had a real coach and real instruction in basketball and actually knew his position and what he should do. The other boys on the team, this was their first time playing. So needless to say once again he has been placed on a less-than-desireable team, but because we are new in this school district nobody knows what he can do or picks him for the teams. They will choose competative teams off these rec league teams so hopefully Bowen can still shine and make it on a competative team.

Colton is on Gene Needham's team and they did well. He is also one of the only boys who has been taught basketball and could actually dribble (that is a big thing in 2nd grade) so he got to play point guard and was able to make some points also, he was sooooo proud of this.

The USU Homecoming Parade was a first for Rainee and she was soooo excited to be in it, unfortunately that excitement ended about halfway through the parade and by the time it was done she was tired and ready to be done. She looked cute though in her jogging suite and Uncle DeLoy took some pictures for me (we still do not have a camera).

Right after the parade Aunt Julie called and invited us out to the ranch for the afternoon. That phone call changed our entire afternoon. Once I had said to the kids that Aunt Julie called all I heard was when are we going? We don't want to go to the party, let's go to the ranch. So we got ready and went to the ranch.

I need to take a moment and thank Uncle Bill and Aunt Julie for letting us enjoy their ranch. It means so much for us to have a quiet place to go to. I let them do whatever they want and just don't worry. I just have a to watch Mason, but other than that they are free to go. They played with Misty and her friend and went all over, while Bill and Cliff-a-roony (that is what Colton lovingly calls Cliff) bailed a field of hay, then Uncle Bill hooked up the flat-bed trailer and we all, even Mason and I, went out to the field to bring it in. It was fun, there were sooo many of us out there. Colton drove the tractor and he loved it. Bowen did try to lift some bales of hay and while they were still kind of heavy for him, he did try. Rainee just rode on the trailer with Mason and I walked behind the trailer. It was the end of a great afternoon. Not a lot of city kids would consider hauling hay as fun, but they all loved it. I am sure that next year Bowen will be able to be more help hauling hay.

That night Colton decided to go to his birthday dinner at the Indian Oven. This did surprise us a lot, but we had a meeting and talked about trying new food and we were up to it. They were so nice to us there and we had a great dinner. Everyone loved their food and we had very little leftovers. For Birthday dessert we got homemade mango ice cream. I have never had anything like it before. I would go back just for the mango Ice Cream.

So that is all......wait I forgot Sunday.

Sunday, we woke up and I started doing laundry and dishes because we were out on Saturday and I didn't do it. I made rice pudding for Reese, since his birthday is this week and that is one of his favorite desserts. We made it to church and got home, changed quickly and went straight to my mom's house for dinner. We had a great dinner of rib eye steaks, 7-layer salad and roasted potatoes. Then we had a dessert of rice pudding. It was great and we all ate to much. So we get home and get a phone call from Scott's mom and dad stating that they needed an exterminator because they found a GINORMOUS (is that a word?) wasp nest. We did not have the quick mind to get a picture, but it was about 18 inches across and hung down about 18 inches, anyway it was HUGE. So they were freaking out because it was inside the house and THEY DID NOT NOTICE THIS!!!! how is this? You could heard the buzzing from the outside of the door. So it just so happened that Scott brought home all his firefighter turn-outs (gear) and so he dressed up completely because we figured that wasps couldn't sting him through it and put on his air tank and went in and covered the next with black garbage bags and then hit it down into the bags. he brought up those bags to take outside and they were literally vibrating with angry wasps. So we duct taped them shut and Scott went back in to use a shop vac to vaccume up the ones that were left.

WOW, for being a nice relaxing Sunday we did not get to relax until after 8 PM and boy am I beat.

Talk to you all soon.

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Jordan Craw said...

I'm tired just reading all of that! Relax this weekend!